Published On : Mon, Oct 13th, 2014

Groups clash during Sai palki procession in Nandanvan; Minor scuffle leads to serious fight

: In a twisted case of attempt to murder, Nandanvan police have arrested members of two groups who fought over a quarrel during a rally on Sunday. A separate case was also registered against both the groups on the basis of a complaint lodged by the cops who intervened to solve the clash between the groups.

The accused of both the groups have been identified as Bhaskar Gulabrao Chaple (39), a resident of Hiwri layout, near Anil Bar; Bhavesh Motilal Dasare (27), a resident of Deputy Signal, Sanjay Nagar, Sakharkar Wadi, Kalamna; Sawant Prahlad Ghatole (31), a resident of Juni Mangalwari; Roshan Gunwant Lanjewar (27), a resident of Juni Mangalwari, Telipura; Sunil Narayan Lanjewar (34); Ashwin Narayan Lanjewar (31), a resident of Hiwri Layout; Paresh Vishnuji Ambilhuke (22), Swapnil Sheshraoji Nirwan (27), Sandeep Ashokrao Gupta (27) and Saurabh Diwakar Nirwan (18), all three residents of Juni Mangalwari, near Lal School; Ravindra Suryabhan Khapekar (27), a resident of Juni Mangalwari, near Dnyaneshwari Mandir, Lakadganj; Anil Gulabrao Chaple (44), a resident of Hiwri layout, Hiwri Nagar, Nandanvan; and Ashok Manohar Fule (50), a resident of Juni Mangalwari, near Khobragade clinic.

Sources said a palki was taken out from Sai Mandir as part of ‘Kojagiri Poornima’ celebrations on Sunday. Band was organised for the participants of the procession. As per the information revealed by first group, Anil Lanjewar’s younger brother Prashant Lanjewar was dancing in the procession when he accidently banged his leg on Bhaskar Chaple. He slapped Prashant over this. After the procession, Anil Lanjewar approached Bhaskar and demanded reason for slapping his brother. Meanwhile, Bhavesh Dasare suddenly attacked Prashant with an iron rod and injured him seriously. This ignited a clash between the two groups and the above mentioned persons indulged in a physical brawl. Cops have registered an offence under sections 143, 147, 148, 149, 307, 323 of the IPC read with sub sections 4+25 of Arms Act and 135 of MPA and booked the accused.

However the second group claimed that Prashant Lanjewar was creating nuisance during the procession taken out as part of Kojagiri Poornima celebrations. Bhaskar Chaple asked the Prashant to behave. Due to this, Prashant along with his mates approached Bhaskar’s Anil Bar and created ruckus and attacked Bhaskar and his staff members. The miscreants also damaged the bar’s furniture and also pelted stones at the bar. Cops have registered an offence under sections 143, 147, 148, 149, 336, 323, 427, and 504 of the IPC and sub sections 135 of MPA and arrested Ashwin Narayan Lanjewar and Ashok Manohar Fule.

A case was also lodged by the cops against both the groups for creating obstacle in government work. As per details, the two groups were having a physical clash when police constable Rajesh Pundalikrao Titarmare (40) intervened and tried to resolve the issue. However, members of both the groups attacked Titaramare and his staff and pelted stones at them. Titarmare was injured in the attack. On the basis of the complaint lodged by him, Nandanvan police have registered an offence under sections 143, 147, 148, 149, 353, 332, 336 of the IPC and arrested all the accused.

Representational pic

Representational pic