Published On : Fri, Apr 22nd, 2016

GMCH and IGGMCH gear up for sun-stroke patients

Nagpur: As the temperature in the city goes up to 45º Celcius (113º Fahrenheit), many citizens who have to venture out in the sun are going out practically resembling Egyptian mummies.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Dean of Government Medical College and Hospital Dr Abhimanyu Niswade said that the temperature today is 45º Celcius and may go up. However, the citizens of Nagpur have by now learnt to avoid getting sun-strokes or heat-strokes. He said that one can observe that the city roads are practically deserted between 1 pm to 3 pm. People avoid venturing out.

However, while advising the citizens of the city on the best way to avoid getting sun-stroke or heat stroke, Dean of GMCH Dr Abhimanyu Niswade said that one should ensure that the nape, rear portion of the head / skull and ears are adequately covered. He added that one should avoid venturing out in the sun between 1 pm to 3 pm when the sun’s heat is at its peak.

While speaking about the preparedness of the Government Medical College and Hospital, Dr Niswade said that they have a separate ward for the patients of Sun-Stroke. This ward has a total of 9 beds, including 3 beds for female patients, 3 beds for men and 3 beds for children. This ward is equipped with a separate bathroom where the patients could be given cold showers.

Two big desert coolers are also placed in the ward to keep the entire ward cool.

The doctors and nurse have made a separate medicine cabinet which is fully stocked with all the medications required to treat the patients. Additional staff nurses and resident doctors are also allotted duties to the ward to meet any emergency.