Published On : Wed, Sep 23rd, 2015

Gmail introduces new feature to help you block annoying people instantly

Constant emails followed by reminders about the previous mailss when you are least interested in the product or service can ruin an absolutely productive day. Google understands your concern and has introduced a new feature for its Gmail service that saves you from the lengthy process of filtering out unnecessary mails.

Until today, if you wanted to block someone in Gmail, you were required to go through the settings, filters tab and add a new filter for that particular sender.

However, Gmail now lets you block specific email addresses in a simple click. All you need to do is hit the menu option next in the top-right corner of a message and select block.

The feature has been rolled out for the Web and will be gradually extended to the Android platform in the coming week.

Another feature that users desperately needed was a direct unsubscribe option from mailing lists. The unsubscribe option for Android takes care of that by allowing you to opt out of eligible mailing lists right from the Gmail app.

Users can always change their block or unsubscribe preferences through the settings panel.