Published On : Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

Girl comes out in open, makes serious allegations against Hardeep Arora and family


Nagpur: Lakhwinder Singh Tuli, the father of the estranged wife of Hardeep Singh Arora, Lakhwinder’s wife and his daughter, Gurleen Kaur Arora addressed a press meet and told media personnel that Gurleen was married to Hardeep Singh Arora in a Gurudwara following all religious rites of Sikhs in Goa on July 31, 2015.

He said that the alleged fact claimed by Hardeep Singh Arora is entirely false. Lakhwinder Singh Tuli said that they had not filed any false and fictitious case. They filed the case only when things became unbearable for his daughter Gurleen.

Lakhwinder Singh Tuli added that their continuous demand for dowry including a car (while he has four cars) and lots of money, jewellery etc. and other physical and mental torture that Gurleen had to undergo almost daily including sexual torture, forcing unnatural sex, sexual harassment and molestation had led them to lodge a police complaint. He clarified that they were always wanting the two (his daughter and his son-in-law) to live together amicably. In order to ensure this they had approached the senior Gurus of Gurudwara (Panch Pyares) to sort out the matter and give instructions to both sides so that the young couple resolves their differences and live together. However, Hardeep Singh Arora and his family refused to come before the Gurudwara Committee and sent them a letter saying that Gurudwara should not interfere in the family matters. He had allegedly affixed his thumb-imprint in spite of the fact that he is UK educated.

Not suffering from Epilepsy
Lakhwinder Singh Tuli also claimed that the allegations that Gurleen is suffering from Epilepsy is totally false and baseless. He claimed that they have Baheti’s diagnosis which states that she is ailing from stress-related problems.

Behaviour of in-laws
Lakhwinder claimed that his son-in-law often left her and stayed away throughout the night, when Gurleen complained to her father-in-law, he had allegedly said that then come and sleep with me. He also alleged that her brother-in-law had also tried to establish physical relationship with her. When she complained about this to her mother-in-law, the mother-in-law is alleged to have said that if she raises such issues, only the family reputation will get marred and on the contrary asked her to adjust and such behavior is acceptable in this house.

While speaking to Nagpur Today, Gurleen said that even the very dress that she wore during the marriage has been sold off in her mother-in-laws’s boutique (A S Boutique). She claimed that whenever she wanted to eat any non-vegetarian dish, Hardeep had allegedly said in a very dirty language that go and ask your father to send it. Similarly, Gurleen claimed that all her personal medication was purchased and supplied by her brother and not by her husband. She claimed that in the entire period that she lived with her in-laws, not one dress was purchased by her husband.

Gurleen claimed that she wants justice and immediate arrest of her estranged husband Hardeep Singh Arora. She added that the case of molestation (lodged in Sadar Police Station) is still pending. She added that the CCTV footage he spoke of in the press meet shows nothing.