Published On : Thu, Jun 23rd, 2016

8 Amazing Reasons To Look Forward To Nagpur Metro

Pic Courtesy - Nagpur Metro

Pic Courtesy – Nagpur Metro

In two years, living in Nagpur will be a totally new experience. Thanks to the Metro, work on which is happening at a rapid pace, day and night. What will the metro bring to Nagpurians? Brijesh Dixit, M.D. points out some interesting facts for Shoutout Nagpur.

1- The total run of the metro will be 40 Kms along two corridors, North- South and East – West. The interchange station will be at Munje Chowk, Sitabaldi and the station itself will be a grand structure designed by Inia Designers of France known for their Designer airports and stations in Europe.

2- The metro will run completely on electric power but without adding to our area’s pollution woes. This is because 60% of the power requirement will be met by Solar power generated by solar panels installed over the coaches. Nagpur metro will thus be the first Green Metro of India.

3- Nagpur Metro will also be the first metro to be simultaneously entrusted with the task of building two flyovers for vehicular traffic in the city. These will be double decker flyovers with metro going over road flyovers. One will be on Wardha road and the other on Kamptee road over most congested squares.

4- The metro will go over the iconic Ramjhula at an elevation of 21 meters, which will be the highest point of the metro.

5- There will be a viewing gallery at the Ambazhari station that will give a bird’s eye view of the lake and garden below. It will be at an elevation of 15 meters.

6- Nagpur metro will not be just a means of transport, but a destination in itself too! The 14 storeyed station at the Zero milestone will house offices, malls and restaurants. This historic site will be spruced up and get the look it merits.

7- Metro will promote another mode of transport that Nagpurians are already getting fond of – cycling! Each station will have a cycle port where a coin operated slot machine will allow you to rent a cycle by the hour to commute to your destination from the station. On the way back the cycle can be returned to the station.

8-The fully air conditioned, modern metro which will be the closest to the ‘unmanned’ versions of developed countries, will be run also very smartly. This means you can purchase tickets, daily or seasonal, through your smart phone applications. No need to stand in long queues during rush hours.


A ‘smart’ metro for Nagpur irrespective of whether Nagpur eventually gets a smart city status. We can’t wait for the Nagpur Metro to arrive!