Published On : Sun, Apr 27th, 2014

GI tag to take away Nagpur’s share of oranges!

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As the Intellectual Property Association awarded Geographical Indications (GI) tag to Nagpur Mandarin (NM)– unique variety of Orange with color, taste and slices different from the oranges grown across the country, the fruit growers from Vidarbha and adjoining geographical locations are cheered lot. They are happy that now they would monopolize the Orange market with NM tag. Nagpur mandarin or NM has a unique blend of acid and sugar which does not exist in any other orange types like Kino or Coorg mandarin grown in the north east and Karnataka.

Assigning GI tag to Nagpur orange means no one except the farmers from the region would be able to sell the fruit with tag of Nagpur Mandarin. However, the decision did not elate the consumers as much as the farmers. The reason is obvious – the local consumers, who keep stressing to get the best quality oranges produced here, thanks to its bulk export, would now be kept miles away from the variety. With the increase in market demand after earning the GI tag, Nagpur Oranges – the oranges cultivated and produced in the adjoining regions of Vidarbha there are indications of full on export of the variety, depriving the local users of tasting their own variety.

Lalit Tiwari, an avid fruit lover in the city, has the special knack for Nagpur oranges. He said, “Ab to aap dhoondte reh jaaoge (now you will keep searching Nagpur oranges). I have been observing that the best fruit grown here is packed off to foreign lands and with the latest decision, the trend would rise alarmingly.”

Best oranges from the region are grown around Nagpur, Pandhurna and Seoni, the last two located in neighbouring state of Madhya Pradesh. However, the oranges are commonly known are Nagpur Oranges. The specific characteristics of the fruit make it unique. These oranges with peculiar aroma can be easily peeled off due to its loose skin. Bearing the unique deep orange color and specific slices, it tastes completely different than other mandarins in the country. Moreover, it is not fully circular in shape and is basically a table fruit.

With all these unique properties, Panjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth here with the help of Maha-Orange and Nagpur Orange Growers Association (NOGA) have submitted the data about area, quality, type and number of farmers. As a result, Nagpur Orange was included in the latest list of 14 items unique to various locations in the country which are awarded Geographical Indications (GI) tag. Apart from Nagpur orange, Kannauj perfume, Kanpur saddlery and Moradabad metal craft are also included in the list.

The move will raise the standard of local orange growers and will motivate other regional farmers to take up orange in large scale. It will improve the world trade of the product. Only farmers from region will now have legal right for selling GI 385 in both domestic and international market.

So the farmer’s gain here is the local Orange lover’s loss.