Published On : Sun, Dec 2nd, 2012

Get ready to tickle your taste buds at “Mangi forever”

Sitting beautifully on the top of Lotus building in the middle of the ever-bustling area of Dharampeth, sits Mangi Forever, a restaurant specialising in Italian cuisine, making a new path for fine dining places in Nagpur. The restaurant is on the 3rd floor of the lush Lotus building, where stylish marble flooring and a beautiful golden statue gives the customers a glimpse of what’s coming next.

Nagpur Today paid a visit to tickle their taste buds and the visit didn’t disappoint any of us. This review is based on 5 parameters mainly Ambience, Service, Food, Drinks, Pricing.

What: Mangi

Where: Lotus  Building, 3rd floor, west Hight Court Road Nagpur, MH 440010  


The Mangi Ferra, is a group of chefs that are as individual or as leaders of a group have taken a unique route that goes beyond the learning process. Their philosophy transforms the cuisine of the present time as well as the cuisine of the future in a specific area (place) or country. Sometimes they are the leaders of a culinary movement but often, they are alone in their search. Carlo Cracco is a good example. For the last few years, after is apprenticeship with the Master Chef, he has transformed the contemporary Italian cuisine by mixing the traditional, the technology and by adding a??Touch of madness?? (His own words). He is a lot more than an emerging chefs, he is the leader of the new group of Italian young chefs.

Ambience (7/10):

The entrance to the restaurant is a splendid door that opens up to a beautifully furnished space. The ambience of the place is very elegant and classy. The wooden floors add a rustic look and the sound of your shoes hitting the floor makes a person conscious but that is balanced by the   glass walls separating the bar area from the dining area and the small basin adorned with a candle and stones that has been provided on every table, gives the place a distinct charisma and a feel of grandeur.





This questions that wanders in everybody’s mind when they think of visiting a restaurant is the time the waiters will take to serve food. Perhaps the best part of visiting this place on a weekday would be the service. The staff is helpful and friendly, is ready to explain the customers about items on the menu on demand and suggesting the best things to try. On a weekend though, the staff is not able to serve and take orders on time.

Food (8/10):

Mangi is an Italian food connoisseur’s dream come true. For non-vegetarians , the “Ali Di Pollo Profumati” would be a treat to taste, though not that rewarding quantity-wise. The vegetarians should blindly go for the “Pizza Mortadella with Jalapenos”, thin and crisp to perfection! For the main course, the “Lasagne” or the “Risotto Alla Pitocca” as well as the garlic bread served delicately in a basket are all delicious to eat and quite filling!. This is a paradise for Italian Food lovers.


Drinks (7/10):

Restaurant without drinks is like a Bird without wings. A solid diet and no liquid diet don’t make sense. Mangi has a wide variety of Mocktails as well as Cocktails for the customers to enjoy. I ordered for Mojito but was very confused whether they offered me mint leaves or coriander leaves. The product they offered was mediocre. The bar is well stocked with liqueurs of both imported and domestic brands. An ok place for drinkers.

Pricing (6/10):

A customer’s nightmare at a restaurant is the price. By no means, is Mangi easy on the pockets! The lowest price starts from Rs. 250 going upto Rs. 500. While it is not for everyone, those who enjoy the distinct flavour of continental cuisine would find it priced decently.


If you’re in the mood to splurge and enjoy fine dining or keen to enjoy a romantic atmosphere or a candle-lit dinner with your friends rich food, variety of drinks and friendly staff but a BIG price tag, Mangi Forever would make you yell “delizioso” in delight!