Garbage collection scam: NMC babus resort to cover up act, may spare AG, BVG with petty fine

Nagpur: Jolted by the Nagpur Today report exposing thriving garbage collection scam in Nagpur Municipal Corporation, the babus in the civic body have resorted to massive cover up exercise. The ‘guilty’ agencies – AG Environ and BVG India – could be let off the hook with a modest penalty of Rs 2 lakh each as against Rs 1-1 crore loss caused by the two truant agencies per month to the civic body. The two agencies have been contracted to collect wet and dry waste from households in designated areas of the city. But they were found lifting soil and debris in more quantity instead of household garbage and dumping at Bhandewadi Treatment Plant. This illegal act was going on since past three months thus denting the NMC coffers in crores every month.

It is pertinent to recall that around 800 tonnes of waste is collected in the city. However, NMC administration had estimated 1000 tonnes and tenders to this effect were floated for garbage collection.

According to contract awarded to earlier contractor – Kanak Resources Management Ltd – was collecting garbage including construction debris and other waste and forwarding bills to NMC for 1100-1200 tonnes of garbage lifting. The contractor was being paid Rs 1400 per tonne. Based on this, the new tenders were floated. But the tenders had specifically mentioned household waste only which comes to 800 tonnes. It means the two agencies – AG Environ and BVG India – have to collect 400 tonnes each of garbage which is not profitable proposition!

Sources further said that according to terms and conditions of tenders, the two agencies have deployed their own men and machines and also outsourced for door-to-door waste collection. But the amounts being paid to them have been found insufficient. It is a fact that any company – whether private or public – works for profit. But here in NMC, the business of ‘garbage lifting’ is being done ‘illegally’ as far as financial dealings are concerned! Currently, the two agencies – AG Environ and BVG India – are collecting 3-4 tonnes of garbage in trucks/tippers per trip instead of 5 tonnes each. The collected waste is transported to Bhandewadi Treatment Plant where the NMC employees, on the directives of their bosses, showing the collected garbage in the weight of 5 tonnes per trip.

Debris being purchased at Rs 300 per truck:

According to sources, thousands of tonnes of debris is lying at a vacant plot near Kalamna Market on Ring Road. This debris is being transported in trucks by paying Rs 300 per truck. And this same debris is being loaded in other trucks/tippers (maximum 3-4 tonnes) with the help of JCB machines and transported to Bhandewadi at the rate of Rs 500 per truck/tipper. With this dubious acts, the two agencies are usurping around Rs 9500 daily.

The scandalous acts on the part of the two agencies is denting NMC coffers to the tune of Rs 1 crore each since past three months.