Published On : Fri, Jul 2nd, 2021

Gangsters using jail phones to settle scores against rivals in Nagpur


Gangster Safelkar was shifted to Chandrapur jail after rumours about his murder. Safelkar’s aide Bharat Hate was shifted to Washim while Hemant Gorkha was sent to Akola jail, media report said


Nagpur: A ‘big hearted’ step of providing six mobile phones and nine landlines by the Nagpur Central Prison authorities to jail inmates for communicating with their family members seems to have backfired as the phones are being used by gangsters to intensify their rivalries. The phones were provided to replace the “Mulaquat” or meeting system which was stopped amid Covid fear.

Following the nasty development, some notorious gangsters are being shifted to various other jails in a pre-emptive move to diffuse tension sparked due to spreading rumours against each other, passing on information to aides, threatening rivals etc.

According to media report, gangster Ranjit Safelkar was on Wednesday, shifted to Chandrapur jail after some elements spread rumours about his murder a day back. On Thursday, Safelkar’s right hand Bharat Hate was shifted to Washim jail while another gang member Hemant Gorkha was sent to Akola.

The media report further said that the jail authorities are planning more transfers of top criminals to different prisons in the state. The Nagpur Jail officials were on their toes since Safelkar and his gang, arrested for a series of serious crimes including murder of Manish Shriwas in 2011, were lodged in the prison. Another dreaded gangster Santosh Ambekar, Safelkar’s arch rival, is also lodged in the Central Prison. Both the gangsters had in the past had tried to eliminate each other, the report said.

According to reports, a gangster booked under MCOCA had sent a voice message to hisrivalin North Nagpur after his brother was bashed up in a gym. The same gangster was thrashed in the jail a month ago. He had also tried to commit suicide. There was also unconfirmed information about a fight between gangster Sumeet Thakur and another criminal Bhuru.

The jail authorities went into a tizzy after a lawyer received a phone call from the prison stating there was a murder in the jail. The authorities searched frantically for the body.