Published On : Sat, Apr 9th, 2016

Ganeshpeth Murder: No clue in sight as Cops try to filter CCTV

Ganeshpeth Murder Follow up
Ganeshpeth police have been groping in the dark, trying to pick up threads in the murder mystery that surfaced early Saturday morning. Cops have recovered a  CCTV footage of the spot where the dead-body of the murdered victim was found.The footage showed that the deceased consumed alcohol with a young man of around 22 years till around 11:30 pm.

While investigating the crime and filtering through CCTV, it came to fore that the deceased had purchased a bottle of liquor from Kalpana Wine Shop situated in Cotton Market at around 11: 30 pm. He was accompanied by a suspicious young man of around 22 years. It also came to fore that the mobile phone and a sizeable amount of cash was missing from his person. The cops recovered many slips and papers related to his medical treatment with quacks for his paralyzed arms and legs.

Was the deceased Gay?
Reliable sources claimed that the deceased who is identified as RajuUstaad. The deceased is paralyzed on the right side i.e. the right hand and the right leg were paralyzed. RajuUstaad is said to be an expert in cooking and used to undertake contract of cooking in marriage receptions. It also came to fore that the deceased used to enjoy sex with men and young boys both in dominant and passive position. A packet of condom was also recovered from the pocket of the deceased.

Local mobile job placement agent
RajuUstaad used to be wandering in Cotton Market area or near the exit of Railway Station exit from Platform No 8. Many people come to the city seeking gainful employment from various villages and from neighboring states. This RajuUstaad used to convince these youngsters and used to take them to probable employers who used to pay him at the rate of Rs 50 or Rs 100 per candidate. Often the money earned for placing youngsters with various employers who hire labourers is a sizeable amount.

The CCTV footage received from near the spot of the crime revealed a young man of dubious nature. The cops are yet to identify the young man who was seen with the deceased. It could be surmised that,the deceased would have forced the young man to have homosexual sex and the young man could have killed the deceased in an attempt to safe-guard himself. Or the deceased and the young man had some quarrel and in the influence of alcohol the young man had killed the deceased.