Published On : Tue, Sep 24th, 2019

Futala Lake bears maximum brunt after Ganesh Visarjan

Nagpur: Futala Lake water has been found worst affected as compared to other lakes in city after Ganesh idol Visarjan. Analysis of water in four lakes – Sonegaon, Sakkardara, Gandhisagar and Futala – was done jointly by city-based Green Vigil Foundation and Earth Eco International after the idol immersion. The analysis was to done to find water turbidity (pH) and quantity of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) among other tests.

Team Lead Surabhi Jaiswal and Deputy Team Lead Mehul Kosurkar of Green Vigil Foundation stated that Sonegaon Lake was least affected by Visarjan. The DO quantity in the lake before and after immersion was found 4-4.5 mg/L although DO level in the lake was expected to be 6mg/L. It may be due to heavy rains and increase in water level causing lessened turbidity of water. Before Ganesh visarjan, the turbidity was 60-65 (JTU) which was now reduced to 50-55 JTU.

During the tests, condition of Sakkardara Lake was found delicate even though Ganesh Visarjan was not done here this year. The DO level which was 4mg/L before immersion was found reduced to 3.5mg/L mainly due to weeds and silt. The turbidity level was 60-65 JTU.

The pH8 and turbidity level at Gandhisagar was recorded at 85-90 JTU mainly due to large quantity of Nirmalya and filth. Slight reduction in DO level was also found in the lake. Before immersion, it was 4-4.5mg/L and was found reduced to 3-3.5mg/L.

However, Futala Lake bore the maximum brunt of Visarjan. The DO level of the lake which was 4-4.5 mg/L before immersion was found at alarming level of 3-3.5mg/L after Visarjan. Similarly, pH8 and turbidity of the lake was recorded at 70 JTU.

Expressing concern, Surabhi Jaiswal said that the NMC will have to act fast and remove immersed idols as well as Nirmalya from the lake. Weeds and silt in Sakkardara Lake will also have to be removed as soon as possible. If DO level hits 2mg/L, it will be disaster for the eco system of the lake, she warned.