Published On : Sun, Aug 3rd, 2014

Friendship is beyond religion, moment to cherish with love, care & unending bond


Girls having a Gala time at Futala on Friendship Day

Nagpur News: The first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship across the world. Nagpur is no different. The Day offers a great opportunity to express friendship towards your buddy with love, care and unending bond. Nagpur Today too tried to cherish the moment by talking to budding youths and solicit their views on the Day.

Nagpur Today interacted with today’s youth who are energetic, enthusiastic, and cheerful regardless of their affinity. Their policy is Bindaas: “Kya pata kal ho na ho”. Therefore, the youth grab each of the moment they get to enjoy. In short, they live their life at best they can.

Nagpur Today asked few questions to a group of friends and their replies were oozing with confidence and amazing, too.

Nagpur Today: What is definition of friendship?

DSC_2879The youth: Mainly chatting on phone, hang out with friends, competition among them and within, support each other at critical time and also enjoy every moment with grace. However, more importantly, their “friendship is beyond religion”.

Nagpur Today: What is limitation in friendship?

The youth: Not to be jealous, no back bites, no vicious comment on anything which is personal.

Nagpur Today: Is drinking Alcohol (Shots), smoking, considered as yo-yo/trendy image?

The youth: Such as, they like to take alcohol (Shots), smoking occasionally. But they don’t think that it will make an image. Whoever wants to take can take it, either not.

Nagpur Today: Does merry making on Friendship Day includes Hooliganism (rowdy, violent on streets)?

The youth: According to boys, yes they would love to do Hooliganism. Whereas, girls were against Hooliganism.

Nagpur Today: Does partying include going to big Star Hotels, dancing to the grooming?

Friendship day  (1)
The youth:
 It is not a must to go for parties in a Star Hotels. Wherever, friends feel to party they can.

Nagpur Today: Whom do you usually spend time with?

The youth: Mostly we spend time on phone surfing, social networking website. Then the second alternative is friends.

Nagpur Today: Whom would you love to spend time with?

The youth: Answers differ: Some would like to spend time with Salman Khan, and also to spend time with Best Buddies.

Nagpur Today: In your opinion what is the most enjoyable and ideal way of celebrating Friendship Day?

The youth: If it’s raining, then they would idealize to go on long drive, and also Dhaba was the priority, along with having beer whole day and whole night. Also, to go for night out party with friends and dancing to beats of loud music.

Friendship day  (2)
Nagpur Today
 was overwhelmed by the positive, free and frank response given by the youth. It is proved that friends are the most important part of one’s life

Nagpur is filled with sparkle, enthusiasm.

The buddies Nagpur Today talked to include Vickey Kanoje, Neha Jain, Farhaana Ajaz, Arju Jain, Shivani Pathak, Akshita Kapoor, Vaishali Chopde, Ramveer Chauhan, Akshay Kapoor, Tarun Agrawal, and Piyush Chimnani.

By Shipra Jha