Published On : Mon, Sep 7th, 2015

Four picnickers drowned in the Kanhan river

Nagpur: In a tragic incident, four youth from city, who had gone for a picnic, were drowned in Kanhan river on Sunday afternoon. The incident took place near Mahadula bridge of the river at about 4 pm. A pall of gloom descended on Jaripatka as the news spread like wild fire.
The deceased have been identified as Vilas alias Pintu Dhanraj Dhamde (25), Ramesh Ramraj Yadav (28), Pravin Shriram Panjare (27) and Mangesh Dahat. All four were the residents of Jaripatka, it was learnt.

Sources said that six friends, including the deceased, had gone for a picnic to Waki area on Sunday morning. After finishing up with their fun, frolic and food, they went towards Mahadula bridge of Kanhan river. One of them entered the waters in the river, though not knowing how to swim. Seeing him, another friend too went in the river. Within moments, both started struggling to remain afloat. Seeing them in danger, two others jumped in to the river to save them. However, as the flow of the river was abundant, all the four were drowned within no time.

Two other friends namely Dinesh Mate and Satish Kotangale, who were standing at some distance, started shouting for help. The people who were present in the vicinity rushed for help. However, as the flow of the river was very high, none could dare to enter it.
On getting the news, a team of Parseoni police rushed to the scene. They tried to search the drowned youths with the help of local fishermen. However, as night descended, it became impossible to locate them.

The incident has spread panic among the district administration too. The superintendent of police (rural) Dr Arti Singh dispatched a huge posse of cops at the spot with instructions to fish out the four. However, none of bodies could be located till the filing of this report.