Published On : Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

Former Corporator of Cong Party Navneet Singh Tuli joined BJP

tuliNagpur Today.

In continuation of what the BJP leaders had decided to do during the BJP Booth Commitment (Sankalp) Maha Melawa 2014 with the theme Win the Booth, Win Loksabha (Booth Jeeto-Loksabha Jeeto), and following the advice of the Former Chief of BJP Nitin Gadkari to reach out to all the prominent citizens and all those who had contested elections as independent candidates to join their party and make a strong work force, a group of all the senior leaders of BJP which included State Chief of BJP Devendra Fadnavis, BJP Advisor Sudhakar Deshmukh, MLA Krishna Khopde, Former Chief of BJP Nitin Gadkari and Vicky Kukreja visited Navneet Singh Tuli. Around 150 Sardars and some people from Dalit community were also present on the occasion. When Navneet Singh Tuli decided to join BJP, he was welcomed into BJP by former Chief of BJP Nitin Gadkari and State Chief of BJP Devendra Fadnavis. Both the senior party leaders congratulated him and Gurmeet Singh Khokar who too decided to join BJP.

Former Chief of BJP Nitin Gadkari said that they have been awaiting for this decision of Navneet Singh Tuli for a long time. State Chief of BJP Devendra Fadnavis said that Navneet Singh Tuli is a reputed social worker and has reached many heights in the field of education. Devendra Fadnavis added that Navneet Singh Tuli is a good friend of mine. He opined that the entire Sikh Community will support Navneet Singh Tuli and the entire North Nagpur will become stronger for BJP under his abled leadership.

In an exclusive interview with Nagpur Today, Navneet Singh Tuli, BJP Member, Former Congress Corporator said that, “I am more than happy and contended now to be a part of BJP! I was feeling very suffocated in Congress party. This was adding fuel to the fire by the statements made by some ‘Congress Party leader’ about the 1984 riots, which was not at all appreciated and taken well by many.  Me being a former member of that vicious Congress circle, the statements sounded a totally false to me. In fact, as a Former leader of Congress Party, I never took any prominent post, since I don’t believe in the posts held and the power. I believe in functioning and working instead of just holding any posts!
My future plans are very clear, serving more and more people through BJP now! I would definitely strive to stand by my people in north, west, and one and all who shall need me.”