Published On : Fri, Apr 5th, 2013
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Forest Officers to get 88 pistols to fight poachers

Nagpur News: Taking cognizance of the number of hunters during summer and to curb increasing number of hunting of tiger in Vidarbha, Forest Department has issued 88 pistols to the Forest Officer to fight back the poachers. During summer, tigers, leopards, deer and other animals are seen very frequently near water bodies. Thus, it gives a golden chance to the poachers to hunt down these animals. And forest officers were not armed to fight back these poachers who are armed with high tech weapons. These new pistols will boost the moral of forest officers to face the poachers.

It is to be noted that Forest Department had got 50 self-loading rifles in March, 2013 but the rifles were old and not in a condition to use, but these new pistols will empower the forest officials to fight against the poachers. Forest Department had given manufacturing order of 9 mm pistols to Isapur Rifle Factory, Kolkata in November 2012. General Manager of Gun factory Jogi issued a letter to forest department to for delivery of these rifles. A team lead by Vigilance officer P D Masram went to Isapur to get the delivery. The weapons were brought through plane. It is to be noted that special permission from Director General of Civil Aviation to bring weapon through air. The weapons were brought to Nagpur Airport under tight security on April 1. This was the first time that ammunitions were brought through a a domestic flight.

Additional Chief Forest Officer (Protection) informed that these rifles will be distributed to 11 divisions according to the demand and need. Police Superintendent Dr Manoj Sharma informed that the pistols are kept in their Armory. Forest officials will be given firing training for using the pistols.