Published On : Tue, Jun 17th, 2014

Flesh-trade busted from residential area

Nagpur News: Rampant flesh trade seems to be flourishing in the city. Many businessmen, traders and lusty young men are influencing young girls directly or indirectly to enter into the flesh trade. Many of these girls are forced into the oldest trade because of urgent financial requirements or poverty.

The Social Security branch led by PI Kamal Jadhav had carried out many successful operations. Since, PI Kamal Jadhav got transferred to Amravati recently, PI Pawar has since taken charge of the Social Security Branch of Nagpur Police. He has started his functioning by activating fresh informants and renewed old contacts and informants to give information of flesh trade anywhere in the city.

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Based on an informant’s tip-off, the Social Security Branch officials raided the premises of 4th Floor of Rana Apartment, Trimurti Nagar, Koradi Road, and apprehended one very ill-famous yet clever woman (who had always managed to escape from police dragnet) named Sapna Gopi Bhandarkar aged 40 years. This lady is identified as the Madam who runs the call girl business, was living in this premises for the past 6 months. The House-Owner identified as Minadwali Makhnuzia had rented out this flat for Rs 7000/- per month. This lady accused is said to be residing with her two children. The said flat is a posh, fully furnished 2 BHK flat. The flat is said to be equipped with AC having posh comfortable double sized beds. There was a big LCD TV installed in the room. All such comforts that can please a customer were present in the flat.

The accused Sapna is said to be living away from her husband. Her husband is said to be working in a nationalized bank in Jabalpur as a manager. She used to convince and lure poor and needy young beautiful girls into flesh trade. Sources in police said, she used to carry-out a similar business in Panchpaoli area. As soon as she got a whiff of a possible raid and impending arrest, she shifted her base to this residential area in Koradi area.

Recently she had lured and enrolled two young girls into this trade. When the police had sent a punter (fake customer) and based on the signal of the punter, the police officials raided the premises and apprehended two girls in compromising position from the flat on June 17, 2014. During the raid, the police also discovered many condoms, blue-film CDs from the flat.

The accused lady Sapna Bhandarkar, finally landed in the dragnet of the police after hood-winking them for a long time. A mobile was seized and surprisingly names and mobile numbers of many reputed names of the city were found in her mobile. Another very glaring fact that came to light during preliminary investigations was that her young son used to stand in the gallery as watchman whenever any customer visits her flat. These two-girls were apprehended and were to be sent to the women rehabilitation centre.

The police personnel of Social Security Branch have filed a case under sections of PITA and are investigating further.

The entire operation was undertaken under the leadership of DCP Kolhe, police officials PI Pawar, API Barapatre, API Patil, HCs Pandurang, Prakash Shridam, Constables Ajay & Raju, and WPC Geeta & Anita.