Published On : Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Fire at one of the illegal establishments on PKV land in Bajaj Nagar 

Fire could have led to major catastrophe

Kabadiwalla  shop fire at Bajaj NagarNagpur: In the evening today, at around 7.30 p.m. a huge fire broke out at a ‘Kabadiwalla’s’ shop that is situated in the PKV land next to Kachipura – where restaurants like Vishnuji ki Rasoi , Sardar di Rasoi, Sujal Saoji etc. and many marriage lawns are located.

This kabadi shop is situated between Ganesh lawns on one side and Shekhar automobiles on the other. There is an eyewitness report that a lot of scrape and waste material like cardboard cartons, wooden packaging etc. was stored in a small lane running between the kabadiwalla’s actual shop and Shekhar auto and the fire originated here. The cause of the fire is not known but two fire tenders were on the job even two hours after the fire began. Heavy smoke has engulfed the place with a wedding reception happening right next door.

Observers say, both tenders have run out of water but fire is still not completely in control.

It may be mentioned here that today is a popular muhurat day and many marriages/ wedding receptions are happening in the many lawns that dot this place.

There is also a Gas agency situated near the Bajaj Nagar square on this same stretch of PKV land.

As we, at Nagpur Today, have been writing repeatedly, all these commercial establishments are illegal and built on encroached land. When we had last written about it almost 6 months ago, the Nagpur Commissioner had commented that notices had been sent to them and evictions would begin soon.

Unfortunately, no action followed.

These lawns, which are now over 6 -7 in number have made no provisions of parking and all cars and two wheelers are parked along the Central Bazar road which already sees heavy traffic in the evenings. For the fire tenders to make their way to the location of the fire, wedding reception guests had to be located and asked to move their cars which were obstructing the way.

This scenario, is horrific in itself but could have had even worse ramifications.

Kabadiwalla shop fire at Bajaj NagarWhat if the fire had happened or spread to the Gas agency where many cylinders are stored?

Or the fire had spread to Ganesh lawns where a reception is underway right now; many guests are present and there had been a stampede?

Like we have been saying, these lawns charge a few lakhs for one evening; huge revenues ( in black) are being generated. Is this money power ensuring that no action gets taken and encroachers not evicted?

Apart from being a safety hazard, imagine the revenue that NMC is losing on a daily basis while still having to provide services like rushing fire engines to quell the fire on an emergency basis?

When will authorities be moved to take much needed action?

And like we have pointed out many times before, this is the CM’s own constituency. Coincidentally, the CM is also in the vicinity today addressing a conference on the importance of rethinking how Research should be conducted! He is at VNIT campus along with other VVIP dignitories like Smruti Irani, Union HRD Minister and many others.