Published On : Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Stunning Drama: Bogus father emerges mastermind in ‘kidnapping’ of 2-yr old boy


The complainant father has himself emerged as bogus father of the ‘kidnapped’ kid and his name has also turned out to be fake one. He is not Ajay Ramjit Pande. He is Ravipratap Ramjit Dubey. The ultimate outcome of the entire episode is that the kid was not kidnapped at all. He was just placed at a woman’s house by the ‘dramatic’ man for many a reason.

Vishvakarma kidnapping (9)Nagpur: In stunning twists and turns as well as high-voltage drama, the complainant father has turned out to be the mastermind in the ‘kidnapping’ of ‘his’ 2-year old son. In fact, the entire kidnapping episode has itself emerged as a ‘many-act drama’ staged by the complainant. Moreover, the complainant father has himself emerged as bogus father of the ‘kidnapped’ kid and his name has also turned out to be fake one. The ultimate outcome of the entire episode is that the kid was not kidnapped at all. He was just placed at a woman’s house by the ‘dramatic’ man for many a reason.

It is pertinent to recall that Nagpur Today on February 10 had flashed a report titled “2-year old boy kidnapped from Vishwakarma Nagar, role of a young girl is being suspected” wherein it was stated that “Tempers flied high in city’s Vishwakarma Nagar locality when a 2-year boy was reportedly kidnapped in the morning of Tuesday (February 9). However, a series of confusions over whereabouts of the kid, delayed lodging of a missing complaint with the Ajni police. Residents of the area suspected role of a young girl in the kidnapping of the toddler. However, police have neither confirmed this theory nor denied it. The ransom angle, at present, has been ruled out in the kidnapping case. The name of the abducted kid has been stated as Shebu alias Raj Ajay Pande. According to information, father of the kid Ajay Pande is a painter by profession. Married nine years ago, Ajay has three children – two sons and a daughter. Shebu is youngest son. Ajay Pande and his family had shifted to the area just one and half months ago and staying in rented house of Jitu Sarve in Lane No. 7 of Vishwakarma Nagar, just behind Ajni Police Station. Before coming to Nagpur, Ajay Pande was staying in Chennai. He originally hails from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Ajay at present is working at a site in Narendra Nagar. On February 9, around 7 am, Shebu alias Raj was playing in the premises of his house. For some work, Ajay had gone out for domestic work. Shebu’s mother Khushi Pande could not find him but thought that the kid could have been with his father. But when Ajay returned home at about 12 noon and asked about whereabouts of Shebu, he was jolted to the core when Khushi told him that she thought the kid could have been with him. What followed was a frantic search for the 2-year kid. The panicky parents searched Shebu at all possible places but to no avail. Finally, on the advice of neighbours, Ajay and Khushi went to Ajni Police Station for lodging a missing complaint. However, surprisingly, the Ajni cops reportedly told the Pande couple to wait for 12 hours and in the meanwhile again search the kid. Heeding the diktat of cops, Ajay and Khushi returned home and started looking for the missing Shebu again. But when they failed to trace the boy, they again went to Ajni cops. Taking the matter very seriously, Ajni police registered a case under Section 363 of IPC and mounted a massive search operation in the morning of Wednesday to trace the missing Shebu.”

Vishvakarma kidnapping (2)Acting on the complaint, Ajni police swung into action. The cops first traced the ‘suspicious’ girl to verify the antecedents of her as residents had cast doubts over her movements in the area. After intense questioning of the girl, no meaningful facts emerged and police cleared the girl of any suspicious. Later, the cops turned their focus on ‘complainant’s wife and daughter and subjected them to questioning. However, the questioning cops found a lot of discrepancies in replies as well as information regarding the kidnapping of the kid. Subsequently, cops took the mother-daughter into confidence and asked them to come out with truth. The tact worked and both spilled the beans. They told cops that the real name of complainant Ajay Ramjit Pande is Ravipratap Ramjit Dubey, a resident of Gorakhpur. Ravipratap, one and half months ago, brought a woman named Khushinisa Rafiq Ansari (26), her daughter Ruby, son Sultan (3) and youngest son Shabbu (2) to Nagpur from a Bihar town as his wife and children.

After coming to Nagpur, the ‘family’ started living in Vishwakarma Nagar house with fake names. In order to crack the ‘kidnapping’ case, cops analyzed the complainant’s mobile CDR, tower location and then bombarded him with pointed questions. The complainant ‘Ajay Pande’ had told cops that he never went to Besa on the day of kidnapping of the kid. But the technical data was pointing out the truth that he went to Besa. Vishvakarma kidnapping (3)To nail the lie of ‘Ajay Pande’ the cops scanned all the footages of CCTV cameras right from his residence to Besa area. In the meanwhile, a woman called the Police Control Room and said that the complainant Ajay Pande or say Raviprasad Dubey had in fact kept his son at their house. The woman further told the Control Room that she read in newspapers about complainant himself lodging a complaint with police on kidnapping of his son. Acting on the woman’s information, cops took custody of the boy from her house.
With the boy in their safe custody, the cops now again focused their questioning of the complainant. This time “Ajay Pande” had no other option but to tell the truth. He told cops that he kept the 2-year old boy at the woman’s house in Besa by telling her that his ‘wife’ has been admitted in a hospital and there is no one in house to look after the kid. In fact, the real reason was different. Because of the woman (Khushinisa), who was staying with him as wife, was insisting that she is returning to her town in Bihar along with her children, and to desist her from doing so, “Ajay Pande’ staged the kidnapping drama and kept the boy in Besa woman’s house, deliberately.

Vishvakarma kidnapping (4)Now, Ajni cops have booked the complainant ‘Ajay Ramjit Pande’ or Ravipratap Ramjit Dubey under various sections of IPC for kidnapping the boy and other offences and placed him under arrest.