Published On : Thu, Feb 11th, 2016

Disappointed at its growth, Twitter draws revival plan!


TwitterTwitter’s earning for fourth quarter is not so exciting as its shares were down as much as 13%. After seeing no user growth it now rebounded and is down about 2% in after hours. However Twitter has a plan to improve its service, and it shared some of it in a letter to shareholders posted on its website.
In it, the company laid out the following 5 priorities it will focus on this year to drive further growth:

Refinement of core service
Fix some of hte broken parts, like the fact that you have to type a period before somebody’s user handle if you want anybody else on Twitter to see it, and improve the timeline to show the most relevant tweets to its users. It also wants to make it easier for new users too.


Live streaming video
Invest heavily in expanding its live video streaming capabilities, leveraging some of its existing products like Periscope.

Creators and influencers
Focus on its most creative and influential users, like musicians and journalists, and help them expand their reach through things like Vine and Moments.

Work on safety measures to encourage freedom of expression and prevent online harassment, and implement technology to detect the use of abusive language.

Developers: Continue to invest in developers to make Twitter easier and faster to use.