Finally, NMC to transfer 100 teachers, working in Prop Tax Deptt, to their schools, but with a rider

Nagpur: After taking severe beating from citizens, experts and Opposition parties specifically from the learned and alert Congress Corporator the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Administration has decided to revert back 100 teachers, who were working in other departments, to their original department – NMC Schools. However, the revert back is not without a rider. The transferred 100 teachers will have to do collection of Property Tax on mandatory basis apart from teaching at their respective schools. The additional work is aimed at boosting revenue of the civic body.

It is pertinent to recall that the NMC Administration, acting on a “sound advice of an expert,” had deployed around 100 teachers in Property Tax Department. But the move apparently boomeranged as NMC Teachers’ Association strongly agitated against the decision and the struggle stretched for years. Moreover, the education of students in NMC schools took a hit and their future hanged in balance.

The Congress Corporator Praful Gudadhe Patil vociferously raised the issue in General Body Meetings and demanded return of the teachers to their parent department for betterment of students. Taking the serious note of the matter of 100 teachers working in Property Tax Department at the cost students’ education the Mayor directed the Municipal Commissioner to work out a formula and transfer the teachers to the parent department according to the requirements.

Respecting the sentiments of the House and after consultation and deliberations with the Ruling Party Leader Dayashankar Tiwari, the Municipal Commissioner prepared a formula for transfer of teachers to schools. According to the formula, the 100-odd teachers will be sent back to their parent department but with a tablet. The tablet will be concerned with the Property Tax Department. It has been made mandatory for teachers to do collection of Property Tax through the tablet apart from carrying out the responsibilities of teaching. Now, the teachers will simultaneously take the classes on regular basis and also assist in collecting the Property Tax through the tablets from school premises themselves. This will show the teachers’ contribution in increasing the NMC revenue as of utmost value.

– Rajeev ranjan kushwaha (