Published On : Sun, Feb 28th, 2016

Fiery reservation cauldron needs to be cooled down, sooner the better

The volcanic agitation, or say road rage, indulged in by Jat community members in Haryana, has none the less fuelled the boiling cauldron of reservation. At the same time the ‘fiery’ incidents in Haryana unequivocally gave credence to the latest statement by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat on the quota issue. The statement needs to be pondered over the time-tested imbroglio well above the political rhetoric as well in practical sense. The civilized society of India cannot be and should not be controlled by violent tactics. The savagery in the name of reservation could only be curbed when political parties as well as social organizations view this serious issue the practical way. A thought needs to be given over the latest statement of Bhagwat where he says that a non-political committee be formed to decide the eligibility criterion for reservation. A decision needs to be taken afresh over the rightful entities that are eligible for reservation. Which class of people should be taken on progressive path? Till what time the reservation be extended? Answers to these vital questions should be left to a non-political committee. The committee should be time-bound and should have powers to implement its recommendations as well. Elaborating his words, Bhagwat clarifies that it would be disastrous if a person is deprived of reservation only because he or she is born in a specific caste or creed. Everybody in society deserves equal opportunity. Until such things happen, unfortunate situations will continue to recur again and again. The country will continue to burn.

Reservation LogoNagpur: The permanent solution to the serious issue of reservation warrants a thorough national debate and the points raised by the RSS chief definitely deserves a meaningful discussion bereft of political overtones. Permanent solutions need to be found. Earlier also the nation suffered fiery wounds because of the simmering reservation fire.

In 1990, the then Prime Minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh, to save his political existence, had triggered tremors across the nation by accepting the old recommendations of Mandal Commission. Subsequently, people belonging to high-caste staged protest agitations across the nation. Major squares in national capital witnessed attempts of self-immolation by teenagers. Tragically, almost all political parties took advantage of the situation to the hilt, one way or the other.

A few days back, Gujarat witnessed violence havoc when agitations were staged in favour of reservation for Patel community. The young Hardik Patel, who led the agitation, is now cooling his heels behind the bars on sedition charges. And now, Haryana reservation rage took the nation for ransom. The effects of Haryana did not limit to the region itself but surreptitiously knocked the doors of borders of other states, too. It is obvious the reservation issue will engulf the entire nation if it spreads its tentacles menacingly. Situation of anarchy and violence could well be witnessed then. Will the progressing nation be able to withstand the reservation onslaught? Answer to this question lies in future.

A meaningful debate in Parliament is expected in this background. The RSS chief has, in fact, initiated the debate. This point should be taken as an opportunity and a positive direction needs to be given to the debate. The time demands a healthy discussion, a solution and, of course, peace and progress.