Published On : Tue, Mar 20th, 2018

Fast And Feast This Navratri #Hot Spot Haldiram

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During Navratri, HOT SPOT, the first restaurant of Haldiram in Nagpur offers ‘fasting fare’ that is not available anywhere else.

What’s more, it consists of a feast that even those who are observing strict Navratri fast can imbibe without fear of ‘breaking’ their fast. And those who are not fasting will also enjoy for the change in taste it offers.

Naresh Duggal, super chef and G.M. of Haldiram, takes care that each and every ingredient of every dish, whether it is a spice or a condiment, is something that is allowed during fasts.

Ad also it is filling without being heavy and healthy too. There are puris and parathas made from Kuttu ( singhada) and rajgira. There are aloo and paneer preparations made without haldi and red chillies using cashew nuts for curry. There is cucumber mint raita and raw papaya salad.

A special Navratri thali can have Rajgira puris, aloo sabzi, pumpkin sabzi and korma made of paneer and Makhana with a base of cashew nut paste. There was also sabudana khichdi, sabudana papad, wada, bhagar kheer and Bengali mithai all forming part of the ‘thali’. The menu keeps changing, with sometime bhagar pulao replacing sabudana khichdi and other sabzis.

Someone who is not fasting but still relishes this fare, can snack on sabudana wadas, Khichdi etc. separately too.

Try this thali once, even ‘non believers’ will begin fasting!!!