Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

Farmer of Nagpur Distt. commits suicide due to police atrocity alleges family

Narkhed/Nagpur: There is a small village called Ambada in Narkhed not far from Nagpur. Vasant Gawande was a small farmer living here and also tilling his land.

On May 14th dead body of a farm worker called Shravan Dhage was found near Gawande’s farm. He had been working as a labour on this farm more than 6 months ago.

Based on this information, Narkhed police called farmer Vasant Gawande to the chowki for investigation early in the morning on Saturday. Thinking that he would only be questioned and then let off, his family waited for him till night fall. But he failed to return. So his family approached the police station on Sunday morning. They were allegedly told that Gawande was still being questioned and he would come home soon. They were also re assured that Vasant hadn’t been arrested, he was only wanted for investigations. He did not return on Sunday also… it was only on Monday night that he came back home. He seemed disturbed and restless and did not talk much.

On Tuesday, he consumed poison and killed himself. His shocked family alleges that he was tortured and threatened by the police so he was forced to take this step. The Police, headed by Additional Police Inspector Amit Kale refuses the allegation of torture. He also says that since Vasant was never ‘arrested’ he was kept in police premises only during day time and sent home at night. This is not what the family version is.

Meanwhile, police sources assert that post mortem done on Gawande’s body also does not show physical torture.

Then what caused this farmer to commit suicide? Or has this become such a regular event that police can just shrug off any wrong doing on their part?