Published On : Wed, May 20th, 2015

Ahir divulges plans to shift Chandrapur Ordnance factory

Ahir divulges plans to shift Chandrapur Ordnance factory so coal reserves under it can be accessed by pvt company

OChandrapur/Nagpur: Chandrapur, as we all know is situated right on top of very rich coal areas. That is natural since it has been part of a forested area for aeons. So the environs of Chandrapur are dotted with coal mines, mostly run by WCL, It has a Super thermal power plant too – and the deforestation and resulting pollution is already playing havoc with the health of citizens of this town. It has also had an ordnance factory set up there after independence for the twin purposes of strengthening India’s Defense capability and also bring industries to backward areas to generate employment.

Now, Minister of state for Chemicals and Fertilizers, Hansraj Ahir has alleged that influenced by some vested interests – namely a pvt power company – there are plans afoot to shift the ordnance factory out of Chandrapur and right out of the state in fact to Karnataka. This is so that the coal bed lying under the factory and the large township area can be accessed for running a power plant. The Modi government cabinet is already discussing this plan it is learnt.

It may be mentioned here that as BJP, MP from this area, it was Mr. Ahir who was responsible for unearthing many of the coal scams and brought up the subject repeatedly in Parliament due to which the then UPA government had to take cognizance of his allegations and set up an enquiry.

Ahir has resolved that he will not let this move to move the Defense factory succeed. He contends that lot of coal is available elsewhere in the country. The country has reserves of 285 billion tonnes. 204 coal block allotments have been canceled so that coal is also available. Hence there is no need to uproot the ordnance factory for just 20 lakh tonnes of coal that is estimated to lie under it.

He has written to Defense Minister Parrikar strongly opposing the move and sent a copy of the letter to Nitin Gadkari as well.

In view of the above information divulged by Ahir at a press meet, the recent visit of the Defense Minister to the area assumes significance.

More about the Chandrapur Ordnance factory

The Ordnance Factory Chanda Project was sanctioned in the year 1964 and the initial productiopn commenced in 1970. The Factory was designed as medium and High Calibre Ammunition Manufacturing Unit with the necessary auxiliaries for producing Explosive and Non Explosive components such as Initiator, Primer, Cap, Fuze, Paper Components & Packages.

It has a very large work force deployed there both in administrative and production. The employee pool is so large that it warrants a Kendriya Vidyalaya exclusively for its employee’s children. The School has classes till 12th standard. The teachers and staff of the school also live in the factory township area.

It is a well run factory and has received Best factory of the category award in 2004. Dr. Vikas Amte is one of the honourary members on the board of the factory.

Sunita Mudliyar