Published On : Fri, Apr 22nd, 2016

Family clashes and financial problems led a father and daughter to commit suicide in Gandhisagar Lake

Suicide in gandhisagar lake 1
: Family clashes and cash strapped father and daughter took the extreme step and committed suicide in Gandhisagar Lake early in the morning of April 22, 2016.

According to sources, lack of livelihood or gainful employment and facing severe financial dearth to even feed the family caused a 42 year-old man (father) to commit suicide along with his 2.5 years-old daughter in Gandhisagar Lake.

The names of the deceased are Mahesh Ramkrishna Bandankar aged 42 years and Aditi Mahesh Bandankar aged 2.5 years both residents of a house near Sangh Building, Mahal.

According to Police sources, the deceased was very depressed due to on-going family clashes and financial crunch. His requests for financial help to his relatives too yielded no results. No relative lent a helping hand.

With no option left to explore, the man decided to end his life. With an aim to commit suicide, the deceased reached the Gandhisagar lake near the Tata Parsi School side along with his two and a half year old daughter Aditi at around 4: 30 am. Before anyone could react, the man jumped into the lake along with his daughter.

Some conscientious citizen informed the Ganeshpeth Police Station at around 5:30 am. The cops of Ganeshpeth Police Station rushed to the spot and found that while the body of the deceased Mahesh Bandankar was partially floating the body of the deceased daughter Aditi was floating on the water.

Suicide in gandhisagar lake
The cops summoned the ace-swimmer/diver Jagdish Khare to the spot and he fished both the deceased from the lake.

After completing the formalities, the cops of Ganeshpeth Police Station have dispatched the bodies of the deceased to Government Medical College and Hospital for post mortem.

Many onlookers who saw the body of the deceased small girl Aditi was moved to tears. Even the cops felt moved by the way a cash-strapped man had to commit suicide.