Published On : Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

Fake looting comes to fore

Second In-charge of Dhantoli Police Station Police Inspector Shailesh Sankye’s skills help uncover the looting case

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Desperation leads youth today to stoop to any levels to make a fast buck. Often they underestimate the law-enforcement agencies. This is where they commit mistake and lead the cops to them. No doubt they say that one cannot escape the long arm of the law. The police officials gather a strange intuition and acquire the knowledge to discern and identify the missing quotient and in most cases can tell that there is something amiss in the crime related by the victim.

The police inspectors in the case in question applied their skills and talents on a case that was registered with them to discover that the loot had never taken place and that the entire incident was a fake or staged one.

The incident
The incident, a fake looting case came to fore a case where Rs 3, 84,000/- was looted by bike-borne muggers was reported by Nagpur Today. The victim Takdir Bhramanand Rangari was working as accountant in Anish Sikdiya’s company A V Sales Corporation having its office in Dhantoli.

The incident which had occurred on February 6, 2015 at around 3:30 pm, the victim identified as Takdir Bhramanand Rangari aged 34 years and a resident of area near Mata Mandir, Chota Indora, was going along with his office peon Samrat* on his Honda Splendor two-wheeler bearing RTO Registration No. MH-31/ DG 8358.

When the victims neared the new NMC bridge two unidentified persons riding a Black coloured Bajaj Pulsar came near their two-wheeler and snatched the bag held by Samrat* on his back. The bag contained cash of Rs 3, 84,000 (Rupees Three lakhs Eighty Four Thousand).

On the basis of the complaint lodged by the victim, Women Police Sub Inspector of Dhantoli Police Station PSI Mesre has registered a case under sections 392 and 34 of Indian Penal Code.

Confession of fake looting
On receipt of the complaint by the victim, Takdir Bhramanand Rangari, Second in-charge of Dhantoli Police Station Police Inspector Shailesh Sankye took along with his two police officials PSI G B Sonawane and K M Gaddime and went to the spot along with the victim and his friend. After hearing the entire case minutely, he asked the two alleged victims to be seated separately.

Police Inspector Shailesh Sankye could sense that there was something amiss in the entire story and started using all his acquired and innate talents to find out the real story. After using psychological methods, it was revealed that the entire mugging or bag-snatching was a fake one and that it was pre-planned by the alleged complainants.

It was revealed during sustained investigation that Samrat* had prior criminal records and had been released after completion of his sentence for a murder case. It was revealed that it was Samrat* alias Sunny was the master-mind to loot the cash.

Samrat* confessed to PI Shailesh Sankye that he was in dire requirement of huge amount of money, so he had made the plan to loot the money. He had been released from the jail only 5 months ago for a murder case registered in Imambada Police Station. He had made two of his neighbours too as his accomplices 1. Lalu alias Saurabh Bhimrao Chauhan aged 18 years and 2. Rahul alias Sonu Raju Dongre. They had made a plan to loot the office cash.

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The crime modus operandi

On the day of incident, February 6, 2015, they accountant of A V Sales Corporation Takdir Bhramanand Rangari accompanied by the main accused Samrat* had withdrawn the amount of Rs 3,84,000/- (Rupees three lakhs eighty four thousand) from Navodaya Urban Bank, Dhantoli Branch.

After that Samrat* called his accomplices Lalu alias Saurabh Bhimrao Chauhan and Rahul alias Sonu Raju Dongre on their mobile and conveyed that they have to go to Golibar Square and from there they will return back to Dhantoli in the afternoon. He had allegedly asked the accomplices to loot the money near the Loha Pul (Iron under Bridge) at Dhantoli.

The accomplices Saurabh Bhimrao Chauhan and Rahul Raju Dongre borrowed a motorcycle Honda Shine from their friend and followed then and when they neared the Loha Pul, they were handed over the bag with the cash.

At that point, Samrat* dropped his mobile so that he can add to his cooked-up story that when the muggers hit their vehicle his mobile fell down. Samrat* in his complaint to Dhantoli Police had claimed that the muggers had hit him in the stomach before snatching the bag. The main master-mind Samrat* confessed that while he complained to police, he had related that the muggers had come on a Bajaj Pulsar bike, while in reality the bike was Honda Shine.

After getting the confessions, two squads were formed. One with PI Shailesh Sankye while the second with PSI G B Sonawane of Detective Branch and K M Gaddime. They also activated the network of informants. Soon they received information on the whereabouts of the accomplices of Samrat*.

The cops found the accomplice duo in an empty plot in Chimney Square, Ajni. The cops arrested them both. After searching they have also seized Rs 3, 15,000/- (Rupees three lakhs fifteen thousand) from their possession.

The entire operation was held on the direction of Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone IV DCP Ishu Sandhu by Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohan Thakur from Ajni Zone and Police Inspector Shailesh Sankye. PSI G B Sonawane of Detective Branch is investigating further into the case.

(Samrat* name changed since the accused is a minor)