Fadnavis seeks CBI probe into Waze’s charges against Parab

‘Let the truth come out,’ the former CM said

Nagpur: Terming the charges levelled by suspended cop Sachin Waze against Shiv Sena Minister Anil Parab as very serious, the former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis demanded a CBI probe for ‘Doodh ka Doodh, Paani ka Paani’ revelation. “Let the truth come out,” he said

The suspended and arrested cop Sachin Waze had on Wednesday claimed that the Shiv Sena Minister Anil Parab asked him to collect money from contractors. In a letter Waze tried to submit before a NIA court, he claimed that the Transport Minister Parab asked him to look into an inquiry against “fraudulent” contractors listed in the BMC and collect at least Rs 2 crore from about 50 such contractors. The said inquiry was based on an anonymous complaint, Waze added. In the same letter, Waze claimed that former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh had demanded Rs 2 crore from him to continue his service in the Mumbai police.

Fadnavis, while speaking to the media in Nagpur on Wednesday, said that the letter written by Waze mentioned Rs 2 crore and Rs 50 crore. “The contents of the letter are serious. Whatever is happening in Maharashtra is not good for the image of the State and police. The High Court has ordered a CBI probe into former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh’s charges. The CBI shouls also investigate Waze’s charges for the truth to come out. Otherwise, the image of state police will be permanently damaged,” opined.

Remdesivir shortage:

Commenting on shortage of Remdesivir injection which is in high demand in view of a spike in Covid-19 cases in the state, Fadnavis suggested to the State Government to procure the vital injection from other states where no second wave of the virus is in prevalence. The government should explore supply from such states and also directly contact manufacturing companies to ensure adequate supply of the injection.

Traders feel deceived:

“The State Government should have talked to all stakeholders before deciding on lockdown so that a way could have been found to curb cases of the virus. But the State Government enforced a seven-day lockdown instead of talk of two-day lockdown. Because of this arbitrary decision, the traders feel deceived. Life is important but with no money in pocket how one will survive,” Fadnavis questioned.

Stop politics on vaccination:

The former CM said that anger is brewing among people in the state over vaccination. The Union Health Minister sent a letter to the State Government yesterday only. The letter came out with the figures clarifying how many doses of vaccines were sent to Maharashtra and how many vaccines are lying with the State Government. The Central Government has sent more vaccine doses to Maharashtra than Uttar Pradesh which has double the population than Maharashtra. There should not be politics over vaccination and playing with people’s lives.