Published On : Thu, Apr 2nd, 2020

Exploring Mahabaleshwar with my Family

Lovers of travelling won’t be disappointed by Mahabaleshwar’s amazing sights and the spectacular landmarks that it has to offer. Located at an altitude of 1,372 m above sea level, the area boasts spectacular panoramic mountain views and a calm, friendly climate. The best time to visit is in the warmer seasons between March and May, since heavy rains usually fall between June and September. As I was travelling with my family, I had to avail a comfortable and spacious tempo traveller in Mumbai, from where it was a 5-hour drive.

The Beautiful sunrise

No traveller worth his salt will want to miss out on the beautiful sunrise that awaits you here. One of the best places to see the amazing spectacle is in the Seat of Arthur. It was and still remains one of the most beautiful sunrises I have seen till date. With its rare and captivating rock formations similar to those at the Grand Canyon, this is certainly a place that thrilled me. The elegance of the place is potently combined with the story behind it. It was named after Arthur Mallet, whose wife and children tragically died in the Savitri River following a ferry crash. It’s assumed that this place supported the mourning Mallet as he exiled himself to a life of quiet seclusion.

Another potential spot to watch a beautiful sunrise is from the Wilson point, which is the highest point in Mahabaleshwar. The sunrise here fits right into a postcard, the oranges and purples a feast for the eyes amongst the panoramic views.

Daytime in the plateaus

Just a stone’s throw away from Panchganga Temple, the Mahabaleshwar Temple is one of the city’s must-visit destinations. Located in Old Mahabaleshwar, this magnificent religious icon dates back to the 16th century. Shrouded in a sacred aura, this shrine is said to be Lord Shiva’s, who takes the form of a lingam of dark black stone, residence.

In the warm sunshine, Babington House just looks amazing. Located near Arthur’s Seat, this country house is a tourist attraction. The colonial-style bungalow is nestled in lush greenery and features a large dining room and extensive library collection, complete with titles in the first edition. It is a peaceful and aesthetically pleasing place where I had a wonderful picnic with my family.

A fun afternoon

I decided to spend the afternoon in Velocity Entertainmentz Theme Park. Due to its thrilling rides and fun activities, it is ideal for thrill-seekers of all ages. There are a few restaurants on-site too, so you can get your heart racing and fill your stomach in one place. We had a wonderful family lunch in one of those restaurants. For people who prefer a quieter time, Venna Lake is a good place to visit during the afternoons. And that is exactly what the older members of my family did. It is a very scenic place which gives you options like horse riding. The people are very helpful and generous and it makes for a wonderful time spent. Polo Point is another fantastic place to spend the evenings. Located near Bombay Point, this place offers some really unique views of the great city and all its hustling and bustling.

And so it ends

We went to Bombay Point around the evening, just in time to catch the sunset. The place is known for its unrivalled night sky views and has even been dubbed ‘Sunset Point.’ It was an almost spiritual experience, that sunset. We were stunned by its beauty and the riot of colours it sprayed across the evening sky. Being completely taken in by this wonder of nature, we took a cab back to Mahabaleshwar. If we had stayed for another day in Mahabaleshwar, I would have loved to watch the sunset from the Elephant’s Head Point. Besides the captivating views of the vibrant sky, one would also be able to see the unusual rock formations that gave this place its name. The next time I visit, I will definitely make it a point to go here since I missed out on it this time around. The one thing that travellers need to keep in mind while visiting the Elephant’s Head point is that it is an almost 1 K.M walk from the nearest car parking lot. If you travelling in a smaller group, we highly recommend booking a cab from Mumbai to Mahabelshwar.


All in all, Mahabaleshwar is a very exciting and beautiful place. It gave us some glorious scenic beauty, magnificent sunrise and sunset and all in all a very exciting day with my family.