Published On : Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

Even passerby rue condition of Kunjilalpeth Babulkheda Marathi Primary School

Nagpur: Till now Nagpur Today has tried to present before you the condition of Nagpur Municipal School so that some improvement might take place. The condition of Babulkheda Marathi Primary School in Babulkheda, Kunjilalpeth, appears pathetic. The question arises, why the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s education department and NMC Corporator is not aware of poor condition of the surrounding. The school is in such a place that even the passers-by regret. School is from kindergarten to fourth. There are total 53 students in the school. Of these, 15 students belong to kindergarten. A few years ago computers were there in school but now they are not tobe seen. The school has just three teachers . There is neither a peon nor a sweeper and so the school is rarely cleaned. Surrounding of the school is very big but its of no use for the students as they cannot play.

Sheer neglect
The school building is more than 50 years old. According to the information, the school was established in 1950. The building has become quite old. The toilet is quite messy due to lack of cleaner in the school. There is arrangement of drinking water for the students but drinking water arrangement is near the toilets. Due to which the students are at risk of diseases all the time. The school has a compound but it is in dilapidated condition. At some place it has been encroached. The main gate of the school has also been completely broken. Due to this there is no security or safety of the students. School van has been hired to bring students from home to school and leave them but teachers of the school pay the monthly fare. The school has 7 rooms. Of which there is a class in 3 rooms. While 3 rooms are for night school and there is also a de-addiction center. On visiting the school from outside it does not seem that the students are studying inside. The teachers can take up the responsibility of improving standard of education but what about the school building, facilities for students, improvement of the school system which municipal corporation’s education department has to do. After seeing the school one can see the negligent attitude of the NMC and the local corporator.

NMC apprised of the condition of school: Dhoble
On talking to the school’s in-charge Arun Tukaram Dhoble, he informed that the school does not have a sweeper and a peon. A letter has been sent to the education department in this regard. He also said, municipal corporation has been apprised of school compound’s condition. Dhoble said that children of the tribals and poor people study in this school and so van facility has been made available for them. The teachers too go to the children’s home and bring them and reach them back. The parents do not take the trouble of reaching the students to school.

Compound wall work to start soon says Corporator
Local Corporator Vishakha Bante informed that, she had been the corporator just from a year. She knows the pathetic condition of the school. For this, she had made a request to the Municipal Corporation. Tender process has been completed. In a few days work order will be released and the construction of the toilet including compound wall of the school will also start. She said that the work will start in a month.