Published On : Sat, Jul 27th, 2019

Panel discussion : Nagpur start up enthusiasts on what it takes to be there

Nagpur: Orange city has been a home to so many start-ups in recent times. Lot of new entrepreneurs are coming up with their ideas to serve public need and to be ruled by self.

As per the data, total of 2,787 startups are registered in the state. It ranked 15 in India and 339 globally, based on its startups ecosystem strength.

Nagpur Today reached out free spirited and the young lot of entrepreneurs in the city, who shared their perspective on what prompts them to be there.

We have on our discussion panel – Raushan Singh ( founder at ‘Allys’ and Director of ‘wedBee wedding solutions Pvt LTD)’, Pranay Uttam Bokde ( founder and owner at ‘WedBee wedding solutions Pvt LTD)’ and Azeem Khan ( founder and CEO of ‘The TIE UP’ and ‘Nagpuri Ishpecial.

Here is what they said…
– Why startups over a 9 to 5 job?
In context of this question Raushan Singh said, Startup is not a mere hand to economy, it is a lot more than that. It is to serve people and ease their lives. It brings revolution in the day to day services. It is much more satisfying than a 9 to 5 job despite all the pressure and hardships associated with it.

Azeem Khan says- Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task, but then you are the boss of your own. One can earn more than 9 to 5 job. Plus who wants to be ruled.

– What’s the sole motivation behind floating a start-up?
Pranay Uttam Bokde says- The reason behind choosing to be an entrepreneur can vary from person to person. For some it can be the thought that you get to earn more and be your own boss. For some it would be the acknowledgement of their ability to be the master and fullfil the people’s need, as in my case. I worked as an event manager for two years and saw the difficulties one faces in gathering all the required commodities in a function. This gave me an idea to create a platform which can provide all the required services at one place and this is how WedBee happened.

– What are the hurdles in the sector and reason behind failed start-up?
Raushan Singh says- Most of the people give up in the middle of struggle. The startups fails because of lack of funds, planning and efficient team work. Also public opinion regarding your startup fluctuates. One mistake and your reputation is ruined.

Azeem Khan says – It is really difficult to sustain a business in growing and unstable market. 97% of the startups fails because it requires a lot of patience to start something of your own. People want a lot in very less time. Then there are freelancers who cut the bush and beat a start-up all together.

– Message to the budding entrepreneurs in the field.
Pranay Uttam Bokde says- New entrepreneurs need to establish the right motives behind landing into this sector for a long term survival. Just a thought of earning a lot and being own boss should not be the reason. These should be looked at as a complimentary advantage. Earning is not certain, some day you make good money other day you don’t. You need to be patient.

Azeem Khan says- Learn to take risk, be patient and survive. Step out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes and failures.Keep going.

By- Shivani Thakur