Published On : Sat, Mar 10th, 2018

Employees Insurance Hospital sick, how can it treat patients?

Patients Nagpur

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Nagpur: Once again, the shortage of medicines has become a serious problem in the Employees Insurance Hospital, which is responsible for the health care of employees. Proposal was sent to the Mumbai commissioner for medicines, but approval has not been received so far. The condition is that the stock will be over in 15 days, even common medicines will not be available. Employees working in diverse companies, institutions, are being treated for better health in insurance hospital, but from last some years the condition of the hospital is worsening day by day. There is already a shortage of doctors, nurses, technicians. Serious patient are directly referred to a medical college or private hospitals. This is the reason why workers are not getting the benefit of the hospital in the true sense. If workers are not getting their right even after the deduction from the salary, then what could be worse than this. Nearly 3 lakh workers are associated with Vidarbha’s only Employees Insurance Hospital. If every worker’s family is considered to be of 4 members, then this number is 12 lakh.

According to the information received, there is a shortage of medicines in the hospital dispensary for the past few days. Complaints are being received from patients and their family members of not getting any tablets for minor health problems like colds, coughs and flu. Needy patients have to stand in queue for medicines in the dispensary but has to return empty handed. Patients feel that when from their salaries deduction is done in the name of medical service then they should get medicines. If the medicine is not available then what is the use of this hospital.

According to sources, officials of Nagpur had the right to purchase medicines till 2 years ago, but the government took the right of Nagpur to the Mumbai commissioner. Now, the situation is that every time a proposal has to be sent to Mumbai . Proposals take a long time to get approvals and supply of medicines too is delayed. At present, there is only 15 days stock left in the dispensary. After this dispensary has to close.