Published On : Sat, Oct 4th, 2014

Effigy of ten-faced King of Lanka ‘Ravan’ burnt to ashes


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The Ten-Faced Demon King of Lanka “Ravan” was burnt to ashes following the 62-year tradition of “Ravan Dahan” on Dussehra or Vijayadashmi on October 3, 2014 at Kasturchand Park.

As usual, it was one of the biggest attractions of the city on Dussehra, the “Ravan Dahan” at Kasturchand Park which was witnessed by thousands of people who thronged the venue. The crowd also included many people who had come from various villages and cities across Maharashtra to take part in the Dhamma Chakra Pravartha Din celebrations at Deekshabhoomi.

The performance of the Ramlila followed a dance number and other cultural programme.

The organizer of the event, Sanatan Sanstha had invited the Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat as the Chief Guest to deliver the keynote address. The Mayor of Nagpur City Praveen Datke and BJP candidate Sudhakar Deshmukh and other dignitaries were the special guests on the occasion.

The programme began at around 4 pm on October 3, 2014. However, even as the cultural programme was on, there were some people who were bursting fire-crackers and rockets. One of the rockets accidentally landed on the effigy of Rawan and the effigy started erupting into fire as fire-crackers stuffed into it started off in all earnest. Soon the effigy of Meghnad the brother of Rawan too caught fire. Finally the guests set fire to the third brother of Rawan. This caused the programme of lighting the effigies of Rawan to an abrupt start and end sooner than expected. The organizer of the “Ravan Dahan” ensured a dazzling display of colourful fireworks which followed the burning of the effigies.