Edify School, Nagpur Held Various Competitions For Grades 1 to 9

Nagpur: To impart to the students various skills such as, literary skills, expression, presentation, creativity, and to inculcate various values such as leadership, team spirit, etc. Edify School , Nagpur conducted a number of House Wise competitions at its school campus at Kamptee road. “Show and Tell” competition was held for 1st and 2nd graders to encourage skills of communication and presentation with ease and confidence among peers.

The young Edifians gave fabulous demonstrations of their beloved objects in front of the audience of their own age group. A “Spell Bee” competition was conducted for grade 3 to 5 to promote the need for ‘an eye for detail’ in young ones; keeping in mind the need for linguistic skills par excellence.

Grades 6 to 9 showcased their creativity, dexterity of fingers and laudable coordination of eyes, mind and hands in ‘Best out of Waste’ competition. The themes for grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 were Pen Holder, Key Holder, Wall Hanging and Mask form E- waste. The students exhibited excellent synergy of imagination and art, under the guidance of the art and craft mentors, Mr Abhishek Chourasiya and Mr Pramod Shendre..

Fire House from grade 6 and 7, whereas Water House from grade 8 came up with the best creations. Their work can be watched on the official YouTube channel of Edify School. The Directors, Mrs Mandeep Kaur Tuli and Mr Inderpreet Singh Tuli and Principal, Dr Plex John applauded the students for their zestful participation and congratulated the winners.