Published On : Sat, Mar 21st, 2020

Eat Chicken daily to boost your immunity! Advises Nagpur Doctor

Nagpur: Take precautions but do not panic, says Dr Ashwini Tayde, Infectious Disease specialist of Nagpur

“India may already be in the 3rd stage of Covid 19. Doctors are coming across carriers of the virus who are non symptomatic or asymptomatic themselves…among them are patients who have not come in known contact with a Covid affected person”.

But do not panic, says the Doctor. Though mortality rate varies from country to country this still isn’t such a Killer as earlier Corona strains were.

What makes it so dangerous is that it is very infectious.

World over, we took time to recognize this and weren’t cautious enough. Now we are waking up, but the damage may have been done already.

If it has entered the Community transmission stage most of us may have been exposed already!

But that doesn’t mean we should not follow these rules:

Social Isolation. Specially the elderly over 80.

Maintaining cleanliness and keeping surfaces disinfected. ( Read WHO protocol).

More intense globalization in the last decade has made the coronavirus spread faster. The world is truly a global village now!

But so far in India, specially Nagpur, people who have come from abroad and begin showing symptoms are only tested.

Local patients, with no known contact with actual Corona patients, are not being tested even if they have all symptoms of the flu! We just do not seem to have enough kits and facilities for testing.

Right now, only IGMC and GMC can test and treat such patients. But talks are on with two private hospitals, which ones will soon be announced to the public.

Dr. Ashwini Tayade – advise is to Boost your immunity by eating high protein and Vitamin C rich diet.

“Contrary to the wrong – but popular notion – I would say ‘ Eat chicken and eggs daily.”