Published On : Tue, May 12th, 2015

Earlier thieves used to steal at night, now they come suited-booted during the day, Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at NDA

NEWDELHI/Nagpur : Rahul Gandhi, vice president of the Congress Party spoke in Parliament about the Land Bill. He accused the NDA government of murdering the UPA Land Bill, which according to him took two years to create.

He described each move by the NDA government to change the Land Bill and restructure it as a death blow by an axe. The first blow was from refusal to obtain permission from the farmer while acquiring the land. The second death blow according to him was the lack of differentiation between prime agricultural land and fallow land in acquiring land.

The third blow according to Gandhi was from the fact that the new Bill does not intend to return acquired land to the farmer if the projects are pending for more than the stipulated time for development of the project.

Rahul Gandhi also re-iterated that he had written to the Finance Ministry asking about the land under the Central government. The reply he had obtained revealed that there was enough land with the Central government not to look at any more land for acquisition.

Gandhi’s speech was met with loud protests in Parliament. He dubbed this government as anti-poor and anti-farmer.

Rahul Gandhi also lamented the lack of social impact assessment in the new Land Bill.
Rahul Gandhi expressed wonder as to why Rajnath Singh and Sushma Swaraj had supported the UPA Land Bill but declared it ineffective when they had come to power in the NDA government.

Rahul Gandhi ended his speech by citing a quote that the biggest thieves are the ones who practice their art in broad daylight saying ” SABSEY BADE CHOR SHUIT BOOT PEHAN KEY AA GAAY “