Published On : Wed, Sep 5th, 2018

e-Service Book to have all records of ZP workers

Nagpur Zila Parishad, Nagpur ZP

NAGPUR: The manual service book of thousands of employees of Nagpur Zilla Parishad (ZP) has now turned into e-Service Book. Employees can now view their service-related information on the mobile app, which will have information and documents right from the employee’s appointment to retirement. Nagpur has become the first Zilla Parishad in the State to implement this e-Service Book.

Nagpur Zilla Parishad was chosen to implement the project on trial basis. In the first phase, records of around 4,000 employees of Class-III and Class-IV will be available on the e-Service Book. Employees will be able to view it on the app from October 2 onwards, informed ZP CEO Sanjay Yadav.

Yadav said that the e-Service Book will have records of all the employees and teachers of the district working under the ZP’s general administration. There are around 8,500 employees in Zilla Parishad.

The e-Service Book will have documents and information related to appointment of the employee, sanctioned leaves, unsanctioned leaves, seniority, benefits after 12 and 24 years of service, promotion, transfers, etc.