Published On : Tue, Apr 26th, 2016

Drought is certainly not in Nagpur!

pm6Nagpur: As the entire Maharashtra along with Nagpur is on the verge of drought as per government declaration, a big question which crops up one’s mind is that where the commercial units dealing in water are getting supply from.

More than a dozen bottling plants, ice-factories and bottled drinking water plants operating in Nagpur are receiving adequate water supply from the administration.

Sources claimed that there are many people who have wells and the well water is not used at all due to the uncleanness of the water. There are many public wells too with a fair amount of water. The fire department has expertise to clean the wells and to pump out the water. This unclean water could be collected and used for various purposes like watering the plants on the road-dividers, the gardens of Government offices and if cleaned and filtered the water could be used for drinking too. However, the fire-department seems to be neglecting the precious source of water.

With mercury rising every-day and the temperatures unbearable, one can’t function without coolers. Many government offices need water for their coolers. Recycled water from the wells could allay the water shortage and drinking water could be saved.

There are many places in the city, especially the slum areas, where water keeps flowing out from faulty public pipes. The slum dwellers who often resort to physical altercation for drinking water do nothing when they notice the water going waste.

Government departments overlooking construction work should ensure use of recycled water instead of drinking water. The NMC and NIT should have ensured that all builders and architects planning new construction works plan and install rain water-harvesting. However, due to the lackadaisical attitude and lethargy of NMC-NIT officials, many small townships and society have royally ignored this rule and as a result, precious water to flowing down the drain.

By Samuel Gunasekharan