Published On : Sat, Aug 23rd, 2014

Dr. Sunil Gupta of Nagpur in Guinness Book of World Records

final groupNagpur Today: Noted Diabetologist Dr. Sunil Gupta’s name has been included in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for participating in the largest Diabetic health screening at multiple locations. 1676 Diabetic Neuropathy Screenings were performed across 27 locations in India on World Diabetes Day 14 November 2013, with the support of Novo Nordisk Education Foundation, Diabetic Foot Society of India and The Times of India (All India).

Dr. Sunil Gupta, Kavita Gupta and team DCRC is actively involved in screening for diabetes and its related complications along with “Hello Diabetes” Education Program for People with Diabetes since last 20 years.

Dr. Sunil Gupta informed that approximately 20-30% of Type 2 Diabetics have Diabetes Peripheral Neuropathy.  Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy may clinically present with tingling, numbness and burning feet, loss of sensation in feet, pain in legs, calf pain, loss of hot and cold sensations etc. As the disease progresses the feet becomes high risk for ulcer, infection and ultimately may end up with gangrene.

Thus, early detection of  these  foot lesions may save at least 70-80%  of lower limb amputations if timely and  proper foot care  is  taken by People with Diabetes said Dr. Sunil Gupta. Prevention strategies are the need of hour, he added.

Dr. Gupta dedicated this honor of Guinness book of World Records to his parents Surajprasad Gupta and Saroj Gupta, his wife Kavita Gupta and team of DCRC for their dedicated support and services to mankind.

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