Published On : Wed, Apr 24th, 2013

Dr Rajesh Swarnakar urges citizens to get vaccinated for curbing Pneumonia cases

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Nagpur News:

This year on the occasion of world immunization week and keeping with WHO’S global slogan “Protect your world get vaccinated, Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar, Lung Specialist and Director Getwell Hospital, Nagpur, urged adults over 50 years of age to get vaccinated. Experts have seen nearly 300 cases of Pneumonia amongst elderly patients in Nagpur over the last few months. People over 50 years of age and with a history of alcohol, smoking and chronic heart diseases have a higher chance of contracting respiratory illness such as pneumonia.

Every year health organizations observe World Immunization week from 24th to 30th April.Experts believe there is need to highlight the importance of adult vaccination especially in the case of adults with existing chronic co – morbities such as heart disease , liver disease, diabetes, asthama and bronchitis .over the last few years, hospitalizations for pneumonia amongst the older adults have seen a considerable increase . It is well –known fact that popular faces such as Pran, Rajnikanth , Nelson Mandela, George Michael who fell prey to pneumonia were hospitalized for an extended duration. Vaccines against it are available but there is no awareness among population about it.

Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar while Speaking with ‘Nagpur Today’ informed, “ Diseases such as Pneumonia attack older adults because of their lowered immunity levels and can prove fatal if not diagnosed and treated on time .The one time vaccination will help protect elderly from Pneumonia and is available in Nagpur. There is a need to create more focused attention for older adults about vaccination. Our is to create awareness about vaccine preventable diseases amongst adults”, he added .

The world Health organization (WHO) has estimated that globally, Pneumococcal disease is the leading cause of vaccine-Preventable mortality, across all age-groups .however, worsened outcomes of the disease like higher mortality are more frequently observed in the older adults (particularly above 50 years )as compared to other age-groups. Older adults and those at high risk of catching infections , including smokers , diabetics and people suffering from chronic illness are advised to go for vaccination.

Dr. Rajesh Swarnakar seeks to build more awareness and emphasize on timely vaccination through alerting the public about the impact of life threatening disease and highlight the benefits of vaccination in preventing avoidable deaths from disease such as pneumonia.

Dr Rajesh Swarnakar urges citizens to get vaccinated for curbing Pneumonia cases