Published On : Wed, Apr 24th, 2013
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CHEERS. Finally NMC takes decisive steps, launches “Mission Nag River Cleaning”

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A core group of top officials has been set up to over see the task at various stages mission to begin from May 1

Nagpur News: After taking severe beating from citizens, people’s representatives of different political parties and group of newspapers
on the issue of cleansing and beautification of rivers like Nag Nadi and Pili Nadi the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) Ruling Party
(BJP) and other concerned authorities have woke up from deep slumber and initiated some decisive measures to tackle the issue in the best manner. The NMC has termed the task as “Mission Nag River Cleaning.”

A meeting was held in the chamber of Mayor Anil Sole with all top bosses of NMC and the following steps were taken for the success of
the mission. The “Mission Nag River Cleaning” will begin from May 1 and shall last up to May 15, 2013.


A) Core group of eminent personalities has been set up. The Group (Violet Line) :

1) Dr Milind Ganveer, Deputy Director (H S), NMC,

2) Prakash Urade, SE, NMC,

3) Nareshchandra Shrikhande, Garden Superintendent, NMC,

4) Dr Ashok Urkude, HO (S) NMC,

5) Mohd Israil, OIC, (Lakes and River) & Deputy Engineer, PPC.


B) The stretchwise arrangement shall be as follows:

1) Ambajhari Lake to Panchsheel Theatre (Indigo Line):

a) Rahul Warke, Executive Engineer,

b) Rajesh Karade, Assistant Commissioner,

c) A S Pilley, Deputy Engineer, PWD Zone 2

d), Sanjay Gore, Zonal Health Officer, Health Deptt, Zone 2.


2) Panchsheel Theatre to Baidyanath Square (Blue Line) :

a) S S Hastak , Executive Engineer,

b) Mahesh Moronne, Assistant Engineer,

c) Anil Kadu, Deputy Engineer, PWD Zone 4,

d) Dinesh Kalode, Zonal Health Officer, Health Deptt. Zone 4.


3) Baidyanath Square to Juni Shukrawari (Green Line) :

a) S S Gaikwad, City Engineer, NMC,

b) R P Bhivgade, Assistant Commissioner,

c) Vijay Humane, Assistant Commissioner,

d) Arun Mogarkar, Deputy Engineer, PWD Zone 6,

e) Rajesh Gaidhani, Zonal Health Officer, Health Deptt, Zone 4.


4) Juni Shukrawari to KDK College (Yellow Line) :

a) M H Talewar, Executive Engineer,

b) Raut, Assistant Commissioner,

c) Krishnakumar Hedau, Deputy Engineer, PWD Zone 5,

d) Ravindra Gaikwad, Zonal Health Officer, Health Deptt, Zone 5.


5) KDK College to Pardi Bridge (Orange Line) :

a) V S Johri, Executive Engineer,

b) S M Jaideo, Assistant Commissioner,

c) M G Kukreja, Deputy Engineer, PWD Zone 8,

d) Pradeep Dambode, Zonal Health Officer, Health Deptt, Zone 6.


6) Pardi to Nag and Pili Nadi confluence point in NMC limit (Red Line) :

a) S J Chavan, SDE, PPC, NMC, b) Meshram, Assistant Commissioner, Wasnik, Deputy Engineer, PWD Zone 7,

d) Amit Mishra (PIU, Environment), PPC, NMC, Promod Atram, Zonal Health Officer, Health Deptt, Zone 8.


The various groups among themselves shall decide the Group Coordinator who would be responsible for following assignments.

I) Data collection pertaining to sewerage as has been circulated to all EEs and ACs. A strategy based on the data will be planned for arresting the sewage in Nag River and its tributaries. They shall also suggest erection of Dewats (Maximum capacity 1.0 Mld).

II) Silt and soil assessment shall be made by the. They would also decide a strategic point for lowering the Porcelain/JCB in the river and transportation of the back fill material to low-lying areas. Such low-lying areas shall be enlisted by them.

III) The group shall also suggest strategic point where citizens are invariably throwing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in the river. The Group may suggest the fencing of such stretches preferably road and river crossings.

IV) The Group shall enlist the corporate offices, banks, hotels, colleges, big institutes, caterers, eatables-on-wheels, NGOs, artists or any other agencies which can help NMC during the mission period.

V) The Group will enlist encroachments on Nag river. (Further strategy would be decided bu the authorities at the centre ).

VI) Site location for Sulabh toilets on Nag Nadi or its tributaries’ sites with fancy look be proposed.

Once the above assignments are completed at the earliest possible preferably within a week’s time then the proposal will be submitted to the Core Committee with Block cost estimate of the proposal along with assignment report.

CHEERS. Finally NMC takes decisive steps, launches “Mission Nag River Cleaning”