Published On : Mon, Jul 6th, 2020

Dr, Pachlore Foundations , ‘Combating Covid Conclave’ marked Star Sessions

Dr. Mohan Agashe , Anuradha Paudawal ,Talat Aziz guided participants

The Corona Pandemic has taken the demon and disastrous shape , acting like the most horrifying nightmare in history of mankind. The fear and phobia of the vindictive virus is making things move from bad to worse for the common mass specially students. Taking the cognizance of the issues pertaining to the professional and personal challenges , Dr.Pachlore Foundations- Maestro Multiversity, India successfully conducted , ‘ International Conclave on theme ‘Combating Covid with Care & Courage,’ through Webinar series on 27 & 28 June 2020. The conclave Bedazzled with its Stalwart Star Speakers ;including PadmashriAnuradhaPaudwal , Dr. Mohan Agashe, Talat Aziz , JustynaKrukowska , Dr.Lokendrasingh and others , Who guided optimistically on vivid motivating and development aspects of Individual & Institutions.

“Like in Music there are high &low notes , different ragas for different time& moods, life has also its sweet & sour side. ‘Life Is beautiful – live it with bloom not gloom. We need to respect and face all situation with courage and confidence , then only there will be symphony in orchestra of our life.” Said Padmashree Awardee Singer AnuradhaPaudwal. She addressed the plenary session conducting ‘ Life is Beautiful’ motivation workshop . she further added , ‘ I am really amazed to see the miraculous results achieved by scientific & holistic approach by the Dr.Pachlore foundation in field of rural development , youth & women empowerment and above all for the students and farmers suffering from depressions and anxiety. Dr.AnuradhaPaudwal guided the youth Brigade in her eloquent manner sharing the secret of successful life with examples from ancient scriptures and shastras.

Renowned Ghazal Maestro Talat Aziz insisted on importance of Self – Discipline and motivation in this lock down period. Music is Medicine , with its enigmatic elixir effect , it soothes the soul , Mind & Body. ‘Riyaaz Hi KamyaabikaRiwaaz Hai’( Practice Only is tradition of Success ) pointed Aziz. Eminent Psychiatrist & Veteran Actor PadmashreeDr. Mohan Agasheconducted the sessions on Creative Dramatics & Theatre Craft Therapy exploring innovative techniques to cope with stress , fear and phobia. He addressed the volatile issues of violence against doctors and harmonious solution towards it was provided with the discussionof play – ,’Zara SamjunGhaya’ ,Which acted as an orientation workshop for the entire patient & doctor community.

Dr.VikramsinghPachlore guided the students on balancing the I.Q & E.Q in Pandemic world. He addressed on vivid management techniques , including novice practical sessions on Neurobics , Yogathon and Music Mantra. Know thyself & explore thyself is the crux of life , one should be clear about his perception and projection of personality, Our nature decides Our future. Admiring the Philanthropic initiatives of Star Mentors participation , He said , ‘ with great power comes the great responsibilities &Very few celebraties are aware of their social responsibilities and undertake soul call , like this.Their vision and mission to work for Environment conservation & Humanitarian services at local root is worth appreciating.

Dr.Pachlore foundation has supported with its Kalakaar for Kastakaar(Performers For Farmers ) projectWhich has enabled many Stars and public figures to extend their helping hands to the son of soil who toil tirelessly for us – The Farmers. Addressing the various issues of Agriculture and rural areas viz- Farmers suicide , water management , addiction and other health issues are seriously and sincerely dealt by the Artist of repute on field.International Artist JustynaKrukowska , Poland also guided on Cheerful Body Workshop and Mind Management . She specially addressed the issues of women empowerment and child development in Covid-19 crisis .

‘If you sweat in time of peace you will bleed less in time of war.’ Guided Dr.Lokendra Singh ( Director- CIIMS , Nagpur ) in his valedictory remark . He delighted the conclave with his mystic poetry and philosophical preachings, Admiring Initiative he said , ‘Dr.Pachlore Foundation has been a pioneer in medical treatment and rehabilitation of psychology . It is fast becoming a focal point from where the quintessence of new paradigms of social work and developmental activities is spreading far and wide.

The Foundation has grown over the last one &half decades to become an internationally renowned institution and perhaps the largest community of Depression afflicted and people with Behavioural disabilities in the region. Dr.Pachlore Foundation made Provision of medical aid, education and employment to the aforementioned, along with comprehensive physical, occupational, psychological and social rehabilitation. One should get inspire from such brave souls to serve the mankind with dedication and determination.’

‘SalusPopuliSuperma Lex ( Welfare of the People is the supreme law) is the belief and motto of Dr.Pachlore Foundations- Maestro Multiversity, India , since its inception Vision of the Maestro Multiversity has been to be an institution of excellence in higher education that continually responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people-centred, ecologically sustainable and just society that promotes and protects dignity, equality, social justice and human rights for all ; said, Dr.SanjeevaniPachlore ( Medical Director & Convenor ) .

Prof.NeeranjanChitare proposed Vote of thanks to all delegates , Doctors , Students & Executives who registered in large numbers making Combating Covid Conclave a grand success.Later , the program was concluded with Launching of Inspiration Anthem , ‘We Are the Winners’ written & composed by . Dr.VikramsinghPachlore. .

The Innovative project and itscreative application is role model for Individual & Institutional development , praised participants & Mentors , who congratulated Dr.Pachlore Foundation for adding Landmark Historical achievements with contagious Hope & Happiness in Pandemic Paranoid period.