Published On : Fri, Oct 8th, 2021

Dr Mitra Lata Mangeshkar Dean named in FIR for torture of Doctor wife

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Nagpur: In a major development, Dr Kajal Mitra, Dean of NKPSIMS and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital has been booked by MIDC police under Section 498-A of the IPC which is non-bailable as well as other Sections after his wife filed an FIR levelling serious charges against him.

According to the FIR lodged with MIDC police on September 24, the Dean’s wife, Dr Jayshree Mitra (55), resident of Dean Bungalow, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital Campus, CRPF Road, MIDC, in her FIR stated that they married in the court of law in 1989. They have a daughter, who also is a doctor. She has charged Dr Kajal Mitra with serious offences like setting her on fire under the influence of alcohol, throwing hot, boiling tea over her body, due to which her stomach got burnt. His atrocities continued unabated because of his alcoholism,for which he was prescribed medicines, which he never took. Several times, she tried to put him in a de-addiction center, but he always resisted, Dr Jayshree claimed in the FIR.

The complainant further alleged that her husband indulged in regular beating, pulling her hair and dragging her over the floor, attacking her with a knife (for which she ran away and hid for 8 days at Hotel Centre Point), verbal abuses, abuses towards her family members, implicating her falsely for having affairs, breaking all valuables at home, selling the gold ornaments given to her by her mother, not giving any money at home for household expenses etc. Moreover, he never spent money earned by him on anything eg. illness, travel, medicines, house buying, car buying etc. He still, at the age of 60 and being the Dean for 7 years, does not own a house on his name and has been living off me on my money, till date, alleged Dr Jayshree.

The FIR further said that her daughter when she was studying from schooling to college suffered from various illnesses, but her father never even looked after her, being a doctor by profession and never rendered any monetary help. Dr. Jayshree said that she suffered from serious life threatening illnesses, twice in her life, wherein also, he was never available. He never even visited the hospital nor paid any bills. He always begged forgiveness and promised to amend his ways and improve, but to no avail, the FIR charged.

Levelling more serious accusations, Dr Jayshree claimed that in 1998, her husband had an affair with their maid, in 2011, with a surgeon from GMC, in 2013, an anesthetist and now, since six and a half years, he’s having an affair with his colleague working at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, who works in the NAAC Department of the Hospital. She tolerated all this torture till date because of her daughter, who suffered from clinical depression due to these nasty domestic issues.

Dr Jayshree Mitra in her complaint further informed that when her husband Dr Kajal Mitra suffered from kidney failure in May 2019, she admitted him, bore all his expenses of around Rs 7.5 lakh, ran from pillar to post, revived him, and took all necessary care of him during the illness for nearly for 2 years. But, despite being on leave, he carried out his affair on the phone, she alleged.

In the meantime, she got seriously injured and was admitted for 9 days. But, Dr Kajal Mitra never came to meet her and when the doctors issued him the bill on his WhatsApp, he deliberately shut down his net. When she reached the home, he had locked it from outside and ran away. The Dean continuously sent messages via her daughter and some others, asking her to leave the home.

The complainant Dr Jayshree Mitra claimed that her husband keeps on demanding Rs 60 lakh from her for some personal loan he has taken, for reasons known only to him. When she refused, he threatened to kill her, the FIR claimed, adding the accused had taken away all her property papers and also her educational certificate records.

“This inhuman, indecent, characterless, cruel, greedy, infidel man needed punishment under the law and hence, after filing my complaint, he has been booked under Sections IPC-498-A, 506, 504, 323 of the IPC. Out of which two offences are non-bailable ones,” Dr Jayshree Mitra said.