Published On : Sat, Mar 23rd, 2019

DPS Mihan holds- Intra section Quiz Competition

Nagpur: Children of Grade – Pre Nursery enthusiastically showcased their cognitive skills by participating in the DPS -WHIZ QUIZ which was held recently.

DPS MIHAN, believes in overall development of the children. In order to enhance the knowledge, build a competitive spirit and to inculcate team spirit in the children an Intra Section Quiz Competition (DPS WHIZ QUIZ) was conducted for them. The children of age 3+ years participated in it very actively.

There were 5 teams. The following are the names of the teams and its participants –
Jumbo Jupiter – Parth Pal, Atharva Dhakate and Vrinda Suchak
Splendid Saturn – Aaditya Gunjikar, Soumya Gopale and Advait Telmasre
Mini Mercury- Geet Hinge, Siddhant Wasnik and Naisha Bawankar
Energetic Earth- Riyanshi Pawar, Vedant Maske and Kimaya Zambare
Vivid Venus Team – Pramashu Bollamwad, Saanvi Kamble and Advika Ghate

The Whiz-Quiz consisted of 5 rounds – Warm Up Round, Solve the Riddle round, Audio/ Visual Round, Buzzer Round and Rapid fire Round. Children of all teams answered the questions very promptly.

There was a tough competition among all the teams. The Class teachers Pratima Deshmukh and Preetishri Sakarwar prepared the children for the competition.

The Quiz master Arti Tandon and the score Keeper Shraddha Bramhe smoothly conducted the Quiz Competition. The Principal Gurpreet Bhambra and the Primary coordinator Neera Nagi was also present to witness the Quiz Competition. They were awestruck to see the little ones answer so promptly. The Principal congratulated all the participants for their enthusiastic participation. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the Quiz Competition.