Published On : Sat, Jul 4th, 2020

DPS Lava salutes Corona warriors through art!

Nagpur: Corona is not only a global crisis but the biggest challenge we are facing today. For the Corona Warriors the risks are manifold as they work tirelessly in the service of the nation.

“भावाभिव्यक्ति के लिए जहाँ शब्द कम पड़ जाते हैं, ऐसेयोद्धा जो कर्तव्य के लिए सेवापथ पर निरंतर बढ़ते जाते हैं ; विश्वास और बुद्धि बल से असंभव को संभव कर जाते हैं, वही जगत में सच्चे योद्धा कहलाते हैं |” धन्यवाद प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को जो कोरोना के विरुद्ध यहाँ जंग लड़ रहे हैं | धन्यवाद कोरोनावॉरियर्स

The students of DPS Varanasi , Nashik and Lava Nagpur acknowledged the fearlessness of Doctors and other Corona warriors and offered respect in a unique way where they used art as their chosen medium.

The virtual exhibition, A Tribute to Corona Warriors was launched by three eminent doctors: Dr. Satish Deopujari, a renowned Pediatrician and Professor Emeritus Indira Gandhi Medical College Nagpur.

Dr.AshutoshThole, Director of Janki Maternity Home Nashik, a renowned Obstetrician and Gynecologist.
Dr. Jaya Chakravorty, Professor and Head, Department of Medicine, I M S, B H U

The exhibition is the result of collaboration and enthusiastic participation of students from grades K.G to XII who have expressed their feelings with integrity.

The virtual exhibition was inaugurated at a webinar that celebrated Doctors Day and had the three distinguished doctors as panelist