Published On : Wed, May 22nd, 2013

Does removing BRCA genes lower the risk of breast cancer & other cancer?

Actress Angelina Jolie’s revelation last week that she had both breasts removed to lower her elevated risk of cancer came as a bombshell to many, but not to the three sisters from Berkeley Heights, N.J.

The women’s – Cathy Balsamo, Cindy Lepore and Patti Broccoli have spent most of the past year grappling with the very dilemma that Jolie faced: What to do when a genetic mutation means you’ve got a sky-high chance of breast or ovarian cancer?


Like Jolie, all three women opted for preventive double mastectomies concurrently removing their ovaries. A woman with a harmful BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation has a 60% chance of developing breast cancer during her lifetime, about five times higher than the overall rate of 12%, cancer experts say. She has a 15% to 40% lifetime chance of getting ovarian cancer, compared with about 1.4% in the general population.

Though their mother, Patricia Zichichi, had always warned of a family history rife with cancer, a grandmother and two great aunts died young of what was then called “Women’s Cancer”. The sisters didn’t know about their actual genetic risk until Balsamo asked her doctor to perform the BRCA test in April 2012.

With those odds, the sisters opted for surgery within months of each other. Ironically, Broccoli’s preventive surgery actually may have saved her life. Two weeks after her double mastectomy in January, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but at such an early stage her chance of cure is very good. A mammogram and two MRIs before surgery had suggested strongly she was cancer-free, but doctors detected ductal disease after Broccoli’s operation.

But the family is especially concerned about possible future effects on their children. They all live within a mile of each other; there are 13 grandchildren in the family, including Joe Zichichi’s four daughters.

“There is more to BRCA genes than breast and ovary cancer,” said Dr. Eileen O’Reilly, a gastrointestinal cancer specialist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. “As much as 5% of pancreatic cancer risk might be related to BRCA mutations.”

The question lies when the BRCA genes were removed how could Broccoli be diagnosed with breast cancer after two weeks?

Meta-Health (formerly known as META-Medicine) is considered to be the most comprehensive, scientific, mind-body diagnostic healing and personal development system available in the world today.

“META-Health means being aware of your body’s intelligence, your stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your organ symptoms and you take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth. –Johannes Fisslinger, President of International Meta-Medicine Association.”

Meta- Health and Breast Cancer:

There are two types of breast cancer,

  1. Breast Glands (Mammary Glands) belonging to the cerebellum part of the brain (Middle Germ Layer, Mesoderm) has to do with a Worry-argument or Nest Conflict. The biological purpose is: If somebody needs my tenderness and care more milk is produced to give the “nutrition” in this situation. It is a completely normal process during pregnancy.

If and when you solve the conflict the whole organism switches to the regeneration phase. Then the tumor is destroyed with the help of mycobacteria. There is pain, swelling and odor. If there aren’t enough with mycobacterias, then the body encapsulates it.

  1. Breast Ducts belonging to the cerebral cortex part of the brain (Outer Germ Layer, Ectoderm) has to do with a Separation-Fear Conflict connected with partner, parents, child or home.
    Cancer in the breast ducts is in the layer that forms the walls of the breast glands. It is caused by an unexpected and dramatic separation conflict, for instance an individual is being separated from a partner, parents, child or home. So, Broccoli would have felt being separated from her partner, parents, child or home. From above its obvious it would have to do with her children/home because there is a concern about the future of their children’s.

In Meta-Health, we know that our body is an intelligent system and looks for a deeper meaning in every symptom. Unlike conventional medicine which diagnoses a symptom, META-Health® looks at a whole human being. It goes beyond treating symptoms to providing you with a deeper knowledge of the process of a disease, starting with uncovering the root cause, emotions, triggers and limiting belief behind the symptoms. META- Health ® therefore can explain why a symptom is there, what caused that symptom to occur and where the person is within the process.

What could have been done before the mastectomy?

Using META- Health®  which is a model for diagnosing disease that is based on how the body reacted to a specific stressful event which affected the body, mind, and spirit, social and environmental balance of a person. When a person goes through a unique type of stressful event that is Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating shock, where they had No strategy for dealing with the situation, the body reacts in a very precise way. The whole body changes to resolve the stressful problem and during this process there are alterations in the brain structure which is mapped to a specific organ. Meta- Health ® is not a cure for disease or a new therapy but, a NEW way to analyze the body’s innate reasons for causing a disease to occur.

Then there are many other therapies available which are used after the diagnosis of Meta-Health to remove the triggers which keep causing chronic disease. Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Reimprinting, Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Heal your Life techniques, Pranic Healing, are used to clear the triggers from the patient’s mind. Once the triggers have been removed the body goes into a regeneration phase.


…Aliakbar Shabbir
 Integrative Health Coach