Published On : Wed, Apr 3rd, 2013

Distressed residents to move to court against Hotel Radisson Blu as officials turn lame

Nagpur News:It seems the entire administrative circle of Nagpur has given way to the whims and fancies  of Hotel Radisson Blu administration that has been operating on its free will for quite some time. This has caused a great deal of distress among the residents around the hotel. The road for the common use which has been barred from general movement continued to remain out of the reach of the residents who were made to cough up the development charge by the officials. The situation has gone from bad to worse as now the residents are acting violent on the issue. However, the administration is still apathetic towards the current development.

The enraged residents would soon take up the matter to the court after getting relevant documents to prove their genuine appeal.

Sources said that earlier it was planned to construct main gate of Radisson Blu facing Wardha Road but due to technical hurdles it was directed to open its entrance towards Nagbhumi Layout. At that time there was no sign of development around. It was then that Hotel Radisson lobbied up to have its way through NIT, MSRDC and NMC. The group allegedly connived with these departments to carry out the entire development. Later the citizens who paid development charges for this public utility space were debarred from passing through the road and the adjacent area where NIT has deliberately developed landscaped garden, simply to enhance the beauty of private property rather than opening it for public use.

It has been observed that whoever raises voice against the prevalent flaw, the officials jump to defend the hotel administration.

Sources informed that the citizens distressed with NIT’s apathy towards their woes, have met NMC’s additional commissioner Hemant Pawar and submitted memorandum to him. Pawar forwarded the memo to ward officer of Laxmi Nagar zone who further sent it to PWD official Parashar. Since then Parashar has been sitting on the application and no action till date has been initiated while the people are left to suffer.

When Nagpur Today contacted Parashar in this regard, he turned hostile towards receiving any such memorandum. Sources revealed that had the file belonged to Hotel Radisson the official would have acted swift as they tend to receive ‘goodies’ from the hotel administration. When insisted further, Pawar said that he would look for the file as he gets free.

The frustrated residents even decided to demolish the wall raised as blockade on one end of the road to restrict common passage on the night of Holika Dahan, but the local corporator appeared at the moment and pacified them by assuring to clear the road within two days. However, nothing has been initiated as yet.

When contacted, the corporator Munna Yadav rubbed off his shoulder saying that he would not take the law in his hand and get imprisoned. He said that he has got MLA Devendra Fadnavis to call up at NIT and managed to dash letters from other corporators in this regard but NIT has turned deaf ear and blind eye to their every request. He directed to meet NIT west zone officer Dhankar.

When Nagpur Today met Dhankar, he argued that since they had not raised the wall, it was not on them to get it removed. He only directed to another officer called Naikwade.

An official from Hotel Radisson Blu claimed that the come whatever may, no power can make any difference to our hotel.