Published On : Tue, Aug 23rd, 2016

Did depression prompt Prajakta to end life along with son?

prajakta-sucideNagpur: Police are pondering in deep and digging it hard to make out what precisely could be the reason behind the extreme step taken by 33-year-old Prajakta Atul Deshmukh. Prajaka, an MBA gold medalist has thrown her toddler son Sarvesh into well and then herself took plunge. The incident has left both her parents and inlaws in deep shock. There was no clue to any tiff or argument within the family. Everything appeared hunky dory, so what led Prajakta to take such an extreme step? Now police are gradually coming to the conclusion that Prajakta might have ended her and her son’s life out of depression.

It is learnts that Prajakta, was very disappointed that despite having got a gold medal in MBA, she was jobless, whereas all her friends were working. She was probably unhappy about the fact that she had been completely caught in domestic responsibilities. She used to express her disappointment during her conversations with her paternal family members. That being the case, she apparently became further depressed for her inability to be present when her father was operated upon two months ago. PI Jamir Sheikh, who is investigating the case, said that preliminary investigations point at depression as the main reason for Prajakta to end her and her son”s lives.

Prajakta was staying in the US with her husband Atul (35). five-year-old daughter Arnavi and eight-month-old son Sarvesh for the last four years.

Prajakta was in India with her kids for the last one month, visiting her ailing father in Amravati. Her husband joined her on August 11. On August 19, the couple and their kids came to Nagpur to visit Atul”s sister Shilpa for Raksha Bandhan. Shilpa resides in Swamidham Nagri.

On Saturday evening, while Atul had taken Arnavi and his nephew to Kasturchand Park, Prajakta too left home on the pretext of buying rakhi and never returned. The next morning, Atul spotted their bodies floating in a well.

While Atul is in deep shock, Arnavi is only asking for her mom. Everybody in the family is totally dumbfounded by Prajakta”s drastic step.

The police is also groping in the dark while looking for reasons that must have provoked Prajakta to end her life, because there appeared to be no dispute between the husband and wife. The family appeared to be well-placed financially too. Atul is learnt to be of a very friendly nature. While everything was going smooth in their life, nobody is able to gauge what prompted Prajakta to take such an unimaginable step. What”s the use of gold medal?