Published On : Tue, Oct 1st, 2019

“Determination and Positive Thinking ensures Success despite all Odds – Mr. Ashok Munne

“Students pursuing Chartered Accountancy course, need to bear in mind that determination and positive thinking are the factors that ensure all success in ones academic life, remarked Mr. Ashok Munne, who never allowed his physical disability come his way to achieve envious benchmarks in his life.

Mr. Ashok Munne, Chief Guest was addressing the august gathering on the occasion of inaugural of 36th Advanced Information Technology And 38th Advanced Management & Communication Skills batches at Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI. Mr. Ashok, a person who really has succeeded in overcoming all sort of harsh hindrances in his life, believes in attacking the hurdle with strong will power. Mr. Ashok a 34 year old para-athlete, mountaineer, an expert para glider, a scuba diver, a marathon runner, a black belt in martial arts, a skilled gymnast and kayaker, yoga expert and ace swimmer, has achieved all such benchmarks, however with just one leg.

Mr. Ashok Munne, while addressing the CA Students, started to share his success story by removing and showing, his artificial right leg below knee. Everyone in the hall was speechless. Pin drop silence in the hall, while listening to his success story for about an hour, after major train accident in the Year 2018, was one of the unique achievements in the said batches of ICAI prescribed courses.

Chartered Accountancy Students, came to know that he lost his leg in a train accident in 2008, but didn’t let the handicap limit his life. In 2012, he climbed the Mera Peak in Nepal, at a height of 6476 meters, without oxygen. In 2013, he drove 3,000 kilometers through Ladakh on his motorcycle. In 2016, he climbed the Everest and missed the summit by a couple of hundred meters. Mr. Ashok went further to share that, he successfully completed his passion of competing in the Raid de Himalaya. He along with one other amputee belongs to the category of first disable person, globally, to compete on motorcycles. This benchmark makes even the fully sound persons, envious of his achievements. The Raid is considered among the top ten toughest rallies of the world.

Mr. Ashok which was sounding not less than lion hearted, went on and on to energise and motivate the students present on the occasion. He concluded his deliberation by putting forth an appeal before the audience to remember all sort of difficulties in their respective lives and if comparable with his difficulties, he shared in his life with one artificial limb, shall come forward. Everybody realized at the same moment that problems they were thinking of till date were petty issues and now nothing can stop them from achieving the desired goal of becoming a proud Chartered Accountant.

CA Suren Duragkar, Chairman of the Nagpur Branch of ICAI, in his apt remarks welcomed all present. He extended a warm welcome to Mr. Ashok Munne, on his maiden visit to the Branch. The thrilled and motivated faces of students during interaction with the guest being, really make us all at managing committee contented, remarked CA Suren Duragkar, Chairman. He conveyed that Mr. Ashok, happens to be a person who faced all sort of difficulties in his life right from childhood. His parents were hardly able to get both ends meet. He was not able to pursue his education, reasonably. Train accident made him handicapped physically, but mentally he succeeded to be much more strong than us, he convincingly conveyed. Due motivation by the Guest at the Inaugural Event itself coupled with the effective training sessions designed by our esteemed ICAI, are going to lend upper edge and due success in your profession, chairman remarked.

CA Suren Duragkar, appealed the students present to keep themselves away from all sorts of distractions and petty issues or problems in their respective lives for 3 crucial years of pursuing the esteemed Chartered Accountancy Course. This will enable them to have proud prefix `CA’ with their names and will also ensure to have all sorts of joy and prosperity for the entire life term. He conveyed his best wishes for all success to the students registered for the course.

CA Kirit Kalyani, Vice Chairman of the branch, coordinated the event very effectively. He recalled his previous meets with the Guest and also shared that Mr. Ashok faced lot many difficulties to watch a movie in his childhood, because of his economic conditions. Now, he is going to make us proud because of the fact that one bollywood movie is being under process on the life of none other than Mr. Ashok Munne, with the title being `Chalaang’.

The faculties for the courses CA. Neha Parani, CA Trupti Bhattad, CA Akshat Modi & Mrs. Lovely Singh, were recognised and welcomed by the Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI.

Prominently present on the occasion were CA. Akshay Gulhane, Executive Committee Member, along with CA Students of the training courses.