Den of illegal activities behind the locked doors of Mohan Nagar NMC school

Nagpur: NMC is failing to take care of its closed school. It has been making daily new announcements and searching places for its new projects and getting into new disputes. The NMC Hindi Primary School situated in Mohan Nagar is locked from front but on the backside it is den for illegal activities. The school was in running condition but giving various excuses it was closed down. In school compound, in front many shopkeepers have started their permanent establishments. When going on the backside of the school one finds that two small constructions have come up. In the main school building’s back side the local hooligans use the place for the illegal activities. Some youths were found here during the inspection.

The school compound has also become a dumping yard for the people, garbage heap is lying here. The school is also being used for running musical gym. The former Corporator was also running a green gym here on the front side. Its a shame that the NMC despite knowing what is going on in the closed school does not take any action to stop the misuse of its property.

It may be mentioned that one of the office bearer of NMC had come to inspect and was sorry about the entire thing. He felt that the NMC should make use of its property and put to commercial use. If given on rent it can earn a lot and the place will also remain clean. Since the said official is new in NMC he has been remaining silent.