Demoralization, harassment on duty taking toll on junior cops in Nagpur

Nagpur: The law enforcement officers do not only address violence but also often experience it along with the physical and psychological toll it brings owing to long working hours, low wages, harassment at the hands of seniors and family crisis. As a result, frustration is a common thread running among the many police officials working in the city. While some manage to struggle through with the situation, few succumb to the sheer pressure.

The extra 4 hours

Compared to any other government institution, the officials of the police department have to give an additional four hours to society. Besides the same hours during the night shifts, if there’s an emergency situation that comes just before their departure, the cops are left with no option but to continue his/her shift. This has led to create tremendous chaos in their personnel lives and in some cases affects their professional side.

With no compounder at station, constable serves beverages

It is likely to note that there are no compounders appointed at any of the police stations. Instead police constable deployed at the station serves water, tea, etc to the superiors. Though such acts can be considered as self-service, this could often lead to the demoralization of the police staff. Lack of leaves, insignificant time for the family members adds another woe in this stern condition.

Harassment within

Sometimes if traffic cop issues a challan to the local representatives or any nationalized party, the accused don’t even hesitate approaching police station owing to support of the regional party leader. The superiors too then ask the cop who issued a challan to seek forgiveness from the accused. This could damage the self-esteem of the cop beyond mend.

Programmes to release officials’ pressure: CP

Speaking with Nagpur Today, Commissioner of Police Dr. Bhushan Kumar Upadhayay said, “Often it is not impulsive that a person wants to end his/her life. There are several factors which develop gradually and trigger their decision. The extreme step comes when the line is crossed and that person is unable to sustain the stress. Though, to curb such irregularities, the city police department has always been on their toes. We organize monthly programmes, sports activities with an aim to release the pressure and provide a healthy environment for the city cops. Besides, we conduct several workshops and also organize cultural events to acknowledge their work.”

At home, we offer beverages to guest, police station is no exemption

On the issue of constables serving water at police stations, the top cop further asserted, “Offering tea or water to the person who visits police station by the hands of police constable is an act to encourage and sustain their faith in the police department. Let me put it this way, when the guest arrives at our home do we hesitate to offer beverage/food by ourselves?”

By Shubham Nagdeve